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World War 2 in HD


Has anyone watched the new documentary series on History? It's full of unreleased footage about the war. It's been colorized and upscaled for clarity.

Anyway what struck me was seeing the suburban footage of average people and kids playing and such. I was surprised, but not really, that ALL the kids you saw in the documentaries were lean and hell and muscular! The Men were the same way. The Women looked great too. All lean and within acceptable body Fat % even after multiple kids. Amazing.

It all made me think, my God America, how far we have come with our food and food businesses.


Damn, you just reminded that I missed the first one last night.


They're airing it again at 1. I have my TV computer set to capture it. I really wanted to see this series. Incidentally, the program on right before it about operation Valkyrie, which I did see was great.


If it's official footage the participants will have been screened. But of course, this is before widespread TV, video games, cell phones, and plentiful trash food


I'm working on getting the first one edited and recompressed right now. Looks really really interesting.


Parts 2, 3 and 4 are on now. Got the computer grabbing those. That mpeg2 capture card is one of the greatest pieces of geek kit I ever bought.


watching it now..awesome!


We were lean because we had rationing!!


I have 1-5 captured and encoded to DIVX so far. 6, 7 and 8 tonight. I gotta say, todays broadcast engineers seem pretty sloppy, but then again I only have several years of reference to go by. When you see a TV show frame by frame when you're editing it you get a very close up view of what the engineers are doing at least as far as transitions between the programs and commercials, commercials and commercials and commercials back to the program. There can be anywhere from 30 or more black frames down to literally none where both are overlayed in the same frame. Very annoying and it's with every channel.


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It's heartbreaking to see what people were willing to do to preserve a country only to have it handed away now.

I have 1-8 done and 9 and 10 are capturing right now.


A lot of the footage was originally color footage. The colorized stuff doesn't look as good and I wish they would just leave it black and white. It is an Awesome show, I'm sorry I missed the first night. They show a lot of gore that you don't see in other documentaries or contemporary news footage, but it seems disrespectful to me to whitewash the real costs of war.


Tirib, are you involved in video editing or something of that nature?


Not professionally if that's what you mean. I built a TV computer, essentially a homemade DVR, with a Hauppauge ( http://www.hauppauge.com/ ) mpeg2 capture device back in 2002 and use it for my own stuff.

I forgot to change the channel last night and have to get 9 and 10 of this series today


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Got the whole series now.


People were a lot leaner back then. I've looked at family photos from that era and they were skinny. I don't think my grand pop weighed in at more then 140 ibs. and he looked bigger then most in the photos. Got a lot skinnier in the army photos after 1942.

It's interesting to see those WW2 videos in color. Reminds me of that country song about the old timer telling his grandchildren about WW2 and how scared he was fighting as a teenager, he says " you should of seen it all in color".


The picture of the 3 or 4 year old boy who was smiling with tears in his eyes really made me break down, the image haunted me


Have no fear friend. We have president now who is cuddling the world into a global teary eyed love fest. Picture the end of Naked Gun at the baseball game. You'll never have to see those things again.