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World Strongest Kid


Not sure if this been discuss before but found this video...
Amazing but read few peoples post on the video, seems some people think its crazy..would like T-Nation opinion and discuss..Sorry if this been post before!


Incredible control over his body and strength. Looks like a future gymnast.


I've never felt like such a sissy in my entire life.


Its cool but not really impressive.. there was a video of a girl gymnastic doing some of the same moves at a simular age. How much does he weigh? How many pull-ups can he do?

My cousin could do 3 pull-ups at age 7 at twice the weight and all he ever did was play video games.. just sayin.


we had to setup a gymnastics meet last year and the guy running it said his 8 year old daughter was doing the presidential fitness test at school and they stopped her at 65 pullups. =/


not future gymnast, but future Mr.Olympia


i don't recall seeing a 4 year old with abs before... i hate myself


yah? where's his video and T-Nation thread?


Kind of reminds me of this:

Without all the crying

Damn impressive stuff.


haha wut r u serious?


fantastic genetics


That's pretty fucking harsh though. This kid atleast looks like he's having fun. The chinese kids look like they're being fucking mauled by their trainers. damn, im glad i don't live in china


Were they 'strict' non kipping pull ups? I find an 8yr old donig 65 pull ups hard to believe if they were strict and not dynamic ones man...I know Gymnasts are beast but not an 8yr old girl doing 65 strict pull ups.

The kids unreal. He has other strength videos up on youtube. Savage bodyweight strength.

You won't find any videos on youtube of kids his age anywhere near as strong as that kid is. He is probably the strongest kid on youtube that has video of his feats.



Impressive without what seems to be formal training, but the strongest in the world? I doubt it. Gymnastic schools all over the world would easily have someone on par and most would have more advanced kids.


You bet a lot of other gyms have kids on par with him, I know a lot of them. Nevertheless, this is pretty amazing.


I remember reading somewhere that kids don't get the same lactic acid build up as adults, I think it was in a discussion about a chinese kid who did a ridiculous ammount of pushups. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but might have something to do with it.


haha wut.
If every kid did the same amount of exercise with the right nutrition i'm sure they'd have abs too.
This kid may go a long way, who knows only time will tell but saying fantastic genetics because of showing abs is silly.