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World Series of Poker


Anyone going to the WSOP this year?

I'm going to be heading to Vegas in late June, playing in one of the smalle NL Hold'em events. Likely the $1500 event on the 27th. Depending on how that goes, I may stay for the one onthe 29th.

I may jump down a week earlier and play in another event, but that'll depend on how I do in the cash game this week and next.

Anyone else going to be there? TC perhaps?


I would love to go, but I think watching poker all day would just bore the shit out of me. If you do go, make sure to hit up Rehab at the Hard Rock on Sundays. You will thank me.


I'm pretty sure I couldn't just watch all day either. I wouldn't go if I wasn't playing, would drive me nuts.

As for Rehab, I have heard lots. I'll stop by for sure.

Anyone planning on playing in any of the events?


I'd been planning to take a shot at the NL 2-7 event, but it's looking much less likely now.

Good luck out there.


Man those guys are so good, you might as well give them your money.


Im only 18 so i can't go but I confess I am a fat poker addict lol i love watching Poker on TV High Stakes Poker, Poker After Dark, WSOP Main event lol. And i play at the Local Casino Quite often usually breaking even lol( or not lol). Good Luck however the 1500 sounds like it would be fun.


In a cash game with pros and even low level rounders, I would agree with you. In a tournament, especially a low buy-in event, I would say the majority of players are probably below my skill level.

I scored about 124 on DonkeyTest. DT is the most accepted way to test and quantify skill level. According to my score, this means I am a "Medium Stakes Cash Pro / Tournament Pro
(Wins at 200-600 NL and tournament poker)"

In 2008 I primarily played 2-5 no limit and made about 17,000 for the year. In 2009 I am playing slightly higher stakes. Between 2-5 and 5-10 (my main game at the moment) I am up $11,380, with 25 winning and 6 losing sessions.

So I feel confident I can play well. My tournament game is okay, not as strong as my cash game. I dunno. I figure it's only 1500, so even if I don't cash, it's a reasonable loss. Considering that I have sat down at the table and lost 5K in a few hours, 1500 isn't bad. Especially when the average first prize in the tourn is like 700K.

Worthwhile risk, considering I think I stand a good chance to cash.


lol, I just had to take the test. Scored 127, want to stake me for the main event? :slightly_smiling:

The test wasn't bad, a good way to show if you have a firm grasp of the basics or not. I wouldn't automatically assume that anyone who scores high are good at poker, though. Being successful at poker is as much about (really more about) how well you can cope with the emotional swings. I've seen so many guys do well for a little while, but in the end they go broke due to poor bankroll management.


Oh, absolutely correct. I'm not saying that DT is the end all and you should base all your judgements of your own skill on it. I just use it as an example because it's the only way to really quantify your skill level to people who don't know you and have never seen you play; this is one of the main reasons the test was created.

That said, and the test notwithstanding, I have a very high level of confidence in my play. I base this on analysis of my hands and decisions, my record, and the fact that I have great bankroll management. I have downswings and manage those pretty well.

Of course, it's easier because I play for moderate stakes, and I don't play for a living. If I lose 3 buy ins, I'm not really upset about it because it doesn't hurt me financially. I am able to roll really well.

I'm not saying I'm a pro or anywhere close, just that I am probably better than many of the other people playing. I am also running well right now. I think I'd stand a good chance to at least cash.

And again, to have that experience, 1500 bucks is nothing. Worst case I still have a great time and I spend the next few days in Vegas hanging out.


I wasn't implying anything about your game, just commenting on the test. Good luck in the tourney, wish I could go.


If anything, go have fun man. I think it would be hella cool just to play in the tournament. When you win a ton of money, go to the Palms and hit up the Playboy Night Club. Also take pics or it never happened :slight_smile:


Dude, if I win a lot of money and hit up the Playboy Club, the last thing I'll do is allow pictures to be taken. God help us all.


I wish I could go play this season. My buddy is heading up there today for the 1500 tournament that starts Tuesday. I may go to Vegas the weekend of the 18th this month for my birthday. I don't think they will have a WSOP event while I am there but I play cash games and usually a live tournament weekly if I have the time. Had a good Friday night last week.

I may even go to New Orleans if they have a statellite this summer.


I wish I could go along, good luck with it!

PS. TC I still want some of those "T" chips.


cool stuff, man...

I would like to play in the 1500 event myself, but I'm 20 so its a no go this year...Maybe next year if i can get my bankroll and skills up...

regardless, I am hitting up vegas next year a couple times when i turn 21...should be good...


I just got back from a cash game, went okay but lost a big hand and put a damper on my night. I totally misread the situation and lost 2k instead of 200 and then ran into a cooler while on mini-tilt and lost another 400.

Really annoying. I made most of the money back throughout the evening and played almost every other hand correctly, but still annoyed. Finished down 300 for the game. Not bad considering how bad things went earlier in the night.

Still looking forward to the WSOP, just hope I don't make a donkey move at the wrong time.


Nice dude 300 down from losing 2k is not bad at all. I just got back from Morongo Casino today got my 40 dollars up to 120 then cashed out, ezy money playing with donkeys. I mean i won 6 handed pot with everybody at the river with Ace High I mean really... LOL anyways GL on your tourney, Looking foreward to hear that you get in the money :slight_smile:


Only 31 sessions, so you play once or twice a week I take it? Doesn't that seem like too small of a sample set to really pull any conclusions from? Seems like it could all be attributed to variance ...?

Not trying to attack, just trying to understand.


Well it's 31 sessions this year, the first of which was on Jan 16th. Took a few weeks off after the holidays. So 31 sessions in about 20 weeks, with the occasional week taken off or missed session. On average I play twice per week.

I had 87 sessions last year, playing mostly 2-5. Over those sessions I won 17,200.00 I think I had about a 73% winning ratio, or a total of 64 winning sessions.

So really I am looking at the lifetime of my play, not just this years.

My tournament stats are pretty good (placed in 90% of tourn I have played in) but I really play only one every 2 months, sometimes less frequently. So it's hard to say it would even factor in.

Also the field at the event I am playing in is so much larger than the ones I play in (on averate about 3000-4000 entrants) that my numbers aren't even really statistically relevant.

Basically I am going in knowing that from a purely mathematical perspective, the odds are bad for me. Nevertheless I feel confident enough in my skill to want to take a shot. Afterall, it's only 1500 to potentially win 600-700K.


I have been talking to my friend all morning. He is in Vegas right now and will hear shuffle up and deal in exaclty 5 minutes.

His first text was priceless. "TJ Cloutie almost ran me over with his scooter. True Story!" He said the place is smoothered with pros right now. 3000 people in that tournament. I will have an update at break and if near the computer I may try to update with any cool info/stories.

My friend is a decent player but doesn't get to play much cause of his kids and wife. I have neither and usually play live 1x per week and about 15 tournaments and some cash games per week on the net.

All this talk is making me want to play. I found they have a $1500 on June 20th and I think I will be there. Lets see if I can get an extra shot to my bankroll these next couple weeks. I dabble with a local as well and am up 400 for the week. Things go right I should be able to get 1K from him by Sunday.

Does anyone know the amount of chips you start with, how long they play before breaks, how many people make the money?