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World Records For Bench, Squat, Dead?


Does anyone know the world record in each of these lifts? I was having a discussion at my gym the other day about how much people can squat and bench and the guys I were talking to think its much lower that what I thought...

Does anyone know the actual numbers???


squat is 1201, Deadlift is 940, and Bench is slightly over 1000. I THINK thats right, im near positive for dead and squat, but bench not fully sure, its something over a grand.


1201 squat, 970 deadlift, 1005 bench all done in competiton(WPO).


The deadlift is now 970. Bench is 1005...


Beat me to it...


This depends on your view on gear.

The multi-ply, non-drug-tested records are Squat 1201lbs by Jeff Lewis, Bench 1005lbs by Gene Rychlak, Deadlift 970lbs by Benedict Magnusson. Total is over 2800lbs by Garry Frank.

The IPF (1ply gear, drug tested but probably not completely drug free) records are Squat 1006lbs by Shane Hamman, Bench 770lbs by Brian Siders, and DL 898lbs by Tibor M?sz?ros. Total is 2524lbs by Brian Siders.

The Raw bench record is I think 715lbs by Scott Mendelson. Andy Bolton has DLed I think 940lbs in just a belt. Not sure of a record for anything close to raw for the squat. I believe the raw (he wore a belt but no suits or shirts) total record is still held by Bill Kazmaier - 2425lbs. His best lifts were 925lbs squat, 661lbs Bench, DL 887lbs


Gene's 1005 bench was done in the IPA


holy mother of shit! how long you guys think till we see a 3000 total or even 3500?


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I really hope it doesn't come to 3500. Because I don't even wanna know what the sport will look like at that point.


What weight class and age are you looking at? There are records for all of them. And are you looking at bench only?

here is the link to the ipf where you can find all of the world records that you want.



Nice answer bigjoey. Though I can't recall if Kaz's squat was raw or not. It was pretty close either way. The most weight squatted in just a belt is somewhere in the low 900's. With today's main federations, we have no idea what some of our best lifters can do raw in the squat or bench.

I think the current best shot at a 3000lb total is Garry Frank, because he can do all 3 lifts. The question marks are his squat and how healthy he can stay, seeing that he's a masters lifter. 1200-900-900 would do it. I have little question that he's the strongest current powerlifter (absolute strength), though maybe not the "best", as there is a difference in modern powerlifting. I am certain he'd beat anybody in a raw push/pull, and I imagine his raw squat would surprise a few people.


I don't think the body can handle that, or will ever be able to. Hence why we made forklifts.


The day 90% powerlifters bench more than they deadlift is the day real powerlifting dies.


With any luck, people will realize that squat suits can be exploited to significantly jack up their sumo deadlifts. This should keep everything in check. hahahaha.


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A little birdie told me that secret a while ago, haha..