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World Record for the most World Records

Somebody posted this on the MMA forum… The guys’ name is Paddy Doyle. I’ve heard of him before, but I never knew what he did. Check it out–


Yeah, but what’s his MAX BENCH?!?!?

Evidently I’m not needed anymore. Zev has taken all my material. Sucks that all I have are a few stupid gimmicky catch phrases. Ah well. Zev, with all the free time I will now have my project will in fact be to nail your sister. Not if Cress has touched her, though. Who knows where that boy’s been. Shudder

MBE: “A one-dimensional Monkey living in his own world. Since 0087.”

Forgive me, monkey. I had to. You know you’re irreplaceable.

Touch my sister and I’ll kill you.

How the hell can someone do 7,000 pushups in a row? I wonder how far you must go down for it to count.

I think I’ve seen video of this guy’s “push-ups”, his elbows barely go parallel.

Where hasn’t this boy been? They don’t call me Prince STD for nuthin’…