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World Record Farmers Walk?


anyone know what it is? the most ive been able to find a video of was 430 in each hand. ive done 450x32 feet in may of 2010. today i got all ambitious and wanted to see what i could do, havent trained grip since then specifically. i managed a walk with 500 per hand, no straps obviously. and i actually hand no belt either, left it in the gym.

i set my handles on some cinder blocks so it wasnt a monster lift, basically just wanted to see how much my hands would hold. i ran out of plates at 450 had to borrow some from my neighbor. took a few steps with 500 and just held it for a little while before putting them down. hands still have more, there didnt open up at all.

so now im curious. the camera screwed up but i plan on getting this on tape in the next few weeks


Allegedly the "Timber Carry in the 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic will require the Strongmen to carry approximately 1050 pounds up an inclined ramp 36 feet long. The weight of the frame, made of heavy timbers and iron, has been increased from 1000 pounds in 2010 to a massive 1050lbs, making it the heaviest Farmer's Walk ever attempted in major competition." - http://www.arnoldstrongmanclassic.com/events.html

I don't know if this is true or not.

Also what you said about your farmers walk is mind-blowing. Impressive beyond words.


its true, BUT they are allowed to use straps, so its no longer a grip event. my lift was the opposite, i took the pick out of the equation*thought it didnt feel like it lol* and it became a grip specific test, and a bit of walking strength.

what they do with the timber frame at the arnold isnt really meant to be a grip test, more a test of just walking strength/overall strength. going up an incline obviously makes it MUCH harder.

im mainly looking for the record of the farmers walk itself, frames are a bit differant than farmers since a frame is solid and farmers handles can move around independantly.

and thanks for the props bro :slightly_smiling:


I have heard of some contests with mid-400 lbs farmers but have not seen any training videos with anyone posting a 500 lbs farmers (yet).

450 for 32' is solid!


thanks man.

here's a vid of 410. it was my ex training partners basement. he sent me this video, but the 450 was too large a file to email so i dont have that one.


and here's one from this years atlantic championships.

farmers medley. 260lbs. 315's on 2.5 inch handles, and 390s. all for 50 feet


Shit, I can't even comprehend those weights.
Where was that contest held?


Upper Clements park actually, lol. it was the perfect venue to be honest. they had a masssssive tent incase it rained, which it did and most people thought it was cancelled. there was only about 25-30 people in the crowd, most of those being family/friends of the competitors. but the plan was to have it outsie, in 3 locations within the park, that way we get a bit of a break, the contest moves a little to get fresh crowds andmore people can watch but still enjoy their day that they had planned before the big strong guys took over the walk ways lol

if the weather cooperates ill be trying my 500+ farmers again saturday or sunday. fishin starts monday and ill be outta training for a few weeks :frowning: but, im feeling strong and i feel goot about this.


Wow nice, sick weights.

Here s a video of Jimmy Laureys from Belgium:

And that vid u posted 315lbs farmers with 2,5 INCH THICK HANDLES ? Cmon thats insane


i apprciate the props and the vid!

he picked that like it was 200 LBS! lol

got my old best by a lb, but didnt walk nearly as far... ive now done 500, but i didnt even get as far as he did in this video lmao

but, weather permitting im going for 500+ on saturday, you know there will be a vid!


Makes my 90KG farmers look lame lol.

Although I've just started.


Dude, your walks are insane. On a World's Strongest Man qualifier competition recently Mark Felix did something like 180kg in each hand for 40 metres. Insane.

Here's him with 200kg in each hand:


lol, potter, we all start somewhere man! grip events were just natural for me, when i was 14 a strongman came to town and put on a demo. allowed the crowd to try some events. one was farmers walk, they were wagon wheels cut in have with weigh bolted on and handles welded. i was about the 7th of 13 guys that went up to try. a couple local power lifters managed the 30 foot span he had set up for the challenge. my turn came and the crowd laughed. but i lifted them, and wobbled my way 30 feet like the big guys did.... their walk was a bit better, lol but i managed. the impliments were 220 each. the guys behind me went back into the crowd lmao. so like i said, grip is just something ive been blessed with. i had been competing in strongman competitions for 4 years before i ever managed a 300 log, it was my weakness. my best was 230 before that so i always tied for last in the press events. point is, we all start somewhere! and you can always get stronger. keep a training log if you dont already. i have about 8 years worth and to look back on where i was even 4 years ago is a good reminder on those "I DONT WANT TO GO TO THE GYM"days when you feel like progress has stagnated that you've infact made tons of it.

here's a pic lmao! 2 weeks prior to turning 15. about 3 weeks after i started "working out" or atleast what i thight was working out. and almost 2 years after breaking a disc in my back and being told i'd never carry more than a couple grocerie bags in each hand

and Jab, thanks for the vid man, i havent seen that one yet. felix is an awesome competitor, i didnt know he was in his mid 40s! i'd have guessed 32 tops! wish i could match his pulling strength, hah then again most every lifter wish that i spose


Good shit man. That's impressive. I've got no idea what I can farmer.


@Nova Scotian:

How do you compare to Mark Felix. Are you near to his records for the one handed deadlift and rolling thunder??


Props on the progress and superhuman grip strength!

My claim to fame in the farmer's:
~260's for 50m (~150 feet) with 3 turns
Heaviest: 310 suitcases for 15m (~45 feet)

I find that my grip also holds up perfectly well. My weak point is lower back , since I have most problems with the pick. Gotta work on that.


Yeah I understand we all start somewhere haha.

I am 6'3" at the mo weighing at 87.1kg from 2 years ago of about 70ish Kgs so still some filling out. I have ambitions to do strongman in future and at the mo I am just improving my overall strength.

Farmers give a good pump to the hands.


When you feel violated from the neck, all the way down the posterior chain and forearms, then you did it right.


Anyone ever done farmer's up a hill? Is that a bad idea?


At the Arnold they do frame carry up a ramp.