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World Record Bench Press: Video


I don't know if this is on this site somewhere or not. Just thought some of you would be interested.

Scott Mendelson is the great lad who pushes 875 pounds in this video. It was filmed this past weekend.



Yeah that doesn't work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it does work.


I don't know squat about powerlifting.Do the spotters help on the way down?


Ike you are a dirty rotten liar! I just tried again...it no work! See you're wrong! I stand by my initial statement it doesn't work. Phooey on you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tee hee hee. Just kidding. :wink:


Holy shit.


This tiny lad had 900 moving a little bit, too...missed it, but still...just picture trying to hold 900 above you.


Wow.. He just shoves it up quick like it's a little empty bar for him.


no strippers required, Patricia. But 6 or 8 spotters are essential. Yep. That'll be the day I even hit 250. And no, I'm not proud.

But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. No strippers there, either.


I'm not sure I could even put that much in the back of my truck!!!!


Well, I was just gonna' say what Patricia said, but she beat me to the punch, so...

Fuckin' Aye!




Yeah, big Scott isn't too weak huh?


OMG, that was great. I think I MIGHT be able to match that with all 3 lifts.



Right click and save as. . .



I did that for a triple my last session.

What a pansy.


Steve, when I try to picture holding 900 over me, I get images of the Hanz & Franz skit where one of them pulls their arms off trying to lift a weight.

This feat of strength was made possible by irondoc's invention of the bench shirt. Along with his contributions to streaming video.


I didn't see him lift anything. Just a buncha people hootin' & hollerin' and him getting settled in to make the lift.

Maybe my computer is just so gay that it can't show me anything cool, like a guy lifting 800-some odd pounds.


There have been more homosexual computers popping up. They're rumored to be more susceptible to viruses, but we think that's just brand prejudice.


I hate bench shirts! This guy is definately strong in the bench press, I'll give him credit for that but I would be more impressed watching him lift 600 without a shirt. Anyone know what his shirtless max is? I hate bench shirts. :slight_smile: