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World of Warcraft: The Movie

This one is for all you gamers out there. There is a movie that’s going to come out next year (or 2011… dunno for sure). Who are the best actors to play the role of the main characters in the game?

p.s. There is already a thread like that in IMDb, but I thought “hey, why not post it on tnation”. And also, I don’t think you should be a wow player to enjoy the movie, it’s gonna be cool imo.

I should be in it.


[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
I should be in it.


You could totally be a Gnome or a troll not sure

why is it live action?!?! Blizzard has the best graphic movies in their games.

Is it a WOW movie? I thought it was just warcraft? Though I don’t know how big the difference would be.

The OP’s screenname sums up my thoughts nicely.

They should base it off the original warcraft games with epic armies and suicidal goblins, not the hack’n’slash chatroom for shut-ins that is World of Warcraft.

A WoW movie? so it’s gonna be a silent film with l33t talk subtitles?

It’ll be filled with all the jokes of trade chat on every server I’m sure. Anal [Attack] spams, chuck norris jokes, OVER 9000!! LEEERROOOYY… actually a chief ceo of Blizzard said he may actually be in the movie. I’m sure with the ridiculous budget that company has at their disposal it will be epic and have lots of dots.

You play on Alonsus (Horde) by any chance drift???

It will be the end of the world… of warcraft.

Most of the heroes are fucking huge, so we may be looking at an all bodybuilder cast. Or more realistically everyone will be massively downsized for the film. I’m pretty sure I’d make a bitching Illidan with some added mass/less fat/acting talent.

If it’s WOW rather than just warcraft, I may care a lot less about this.

I thought everyone already knew.

Danny Devito as the troll.

[quote]PaddyM wrote:
It will be the end of the world… of warcraft.[/quote]

How do you kill that which has no life?

[quote]Matthaeus wrote:
I thought everyone already knew.[/quote]

Arthas! hahahaha did you take the time to do that?

[quote]Undertow wrote:
Danny Devito as the troll.[/quote]

Only if he constantly repeats the line “You’ve got to pay the troll toll to get in this boy’s hole”

[quote]Uncle Gabby wrote:
PaddyM wrote:
It will be the end of the world… of warcraft.

How do you kill that which has no life?[/quote]

Good answer. End your life for only 14 bux a month. Yea

I’d want to know who would play some of the female characters. They’ve got to be in shape and have the ability to ride wild animals like a tiger or panther.

The movie will probably be as good as DBZ:evolution