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World Junior Hockey

I’m pretty pissed.Canada lost to USA 4-3.The winning goal was scored when Fleury shot the puck, bounced off his defenceman and into his own net!What a way to lose.
We had a young team this year so maybe we’ll get 'em next year!
Congrats to the U.S.A.
See ya at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey!

Uncle B,

I saw the game and was surprised, and impressed how the US pulled the game out after entering the 3rd trailing 3 to 1!

P.S. In hockey sometimes it’s better to be luck than good - eh?! (speaking about the last goal of course.)

Yep, luck sure helps sometimes!
USA has come a long way with their hockey programs in the last 20 years.It’s really anyones’ game now, not just Canada/Russia.

The victory gave the US its first WJC gold medal ever, and its first hardware since a silver medal in 1997 when it lost 2-0 to Canada in the final…Let the Americans have their first gold…even though it was the cheapest goal I have ever seen…it still counts.

next time
Ontario, CANADA