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World Hockey Championships

Don`t sing “Oh Canada” just yet, Sweden is good, maybe not as good as Canada, but if they play their best and Canada got a bad day, who knows?

By the way is Niedermayer playing this year ? He?s a nasty player.

Have little time right now, but was at the Canada - Slovakia game last night. Wow - a real thriller. Nash and Thornton were as usual awesome, but Smyth, Heatley and Morrison finally played to their potential.

Against the Russians they will need the additional scoring power so that the Russkies can’t just try to showdown the Thornton line.

The Slovaks scored in the first 45 seconds and it was a see saw battle. The Slovaks are quick and very skilled. It was fun to see great hockey live again!

Sad but these games over here are a little like casting pearls to the swine. The stands were not full, have not been for one game (Innsbruck). I figured that for the 1/4 final it would be full. Too bad. I think that they gave away too many comp tickets that were not used. Stupid.