World Gym San Diego vs Gold's Sports Arena

First time posting hope I can get a real solid answer with details. I’ve trained the last seven years at Gold’s Gym Venice (The Mecca). I’m relocating to La jolla in San Diego. World Gym SD is about 8 miles from my house and Gold’s Sports Arena is about 11 miles.

I’ve trained at World Gym SD once but I didn’t have time to really check out the variety of equipment ie; Hammer Strength etc… So I’m wondering if any of my bodybuilding friends can give me the low down on both of these gyms and lead me in the direction of which one to join. Obviously the feel of World’s was good but I didn’t see a lot of Hammer Strength and variety. That said it was a quick visit so I may have missed a lot.

Thanks for your help and honesty.

If you’re making a permanent move, wouldn’t it be wise to spend some time in person at both gyms (say a month or two at each) instead of relying on others’ opinions in hopes that you’ll find what’s right for you?

I workout at both. Worlds is my main Gym. it’s more serious, platforms, bumber plates, monolift, chains, reverser hyper, etc. No contracts either.

Golds main beneifit is that it’s 24/7. You can also workout at other golds if you travel. It’s got a pool if you care about that. The outdoor lifting area is kind of cool too. Also it has alot more females to include girls from the half dozen or so strip clubs down the street.

I’m definitely going to check both out. Just was trying to put my mind at ease. I just remember not seeing all that much equipment ie; machines at World Gym although I liked it. Variety is the key for me. Lots of injuries.


I can’t comment on Golds, but I love World Gym in the Clairmont neighborhood of San Diego. I trained there for about 5 years and loved it. Great atmosphere and good equipment

Update: World Gym wins!