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World Domino Tourn. ESPN


WTF? I they were pushing it with poker on a "sports" network. Now domino's is a sport?

I wonder how I'd structure an off-season weightlifting program for THAT!?


Dominoes is a great game. It's too bad espn is showing a team version that people don't play. First to domino, no point scoring bullshit. That's not the game that "real" domino players play.

Anyways, I watched it. It was incredibly boring and a waste of my time. ESPN is getting worse and worse, I could go on and on about ESPN but I think I'll just go make some food right now.


BTW, it's not a sport, it's a strategy GAME.


Dominos has strategy?!

I don't think most domino players could spell strategy.


You don't win consistantly in dominoes with luck.

Good domino players have strategies. Good domino players know that the same strategy can't be used every time, different scenarios will require different strategies. Most domino players probably think that most weightlifters can't spell strategy. Or is it stragety.


Some kind of lat extention program so you can really generate some pop when you throw down some bones...


Either that or a lot of forearm work, so your pipes look good sticking out of your overalls...


so they show this crap and not rugby? I worry about the state of this country sometimes....


I was at the gym today and I saw this. Me and another guy just laughed and made fun of it. What's next, loogie spitting?


This past Christmas, I was all pumped to go to my parents house for Christmas and watch some of the college Bowl games on their new 70-Inch High Def TV.

So I excitedly put on ESPN HD, and you know what's on? A scrabble tournament. A fucking SCRABBLE tournament!

I couldn't figure out whether to laugh or cry...


That's kinda the whole point!

ESPN is a "sports" network right? I realize it's a game and NOT a sport. Is there any athletic quality you must posess in order to be a "good" player?


Yeah I'm with you on this. It has no business being shown on ESPN. It's downtime right now, no football or basketball. So we get stuck with soccer, golf, tennis, bowling and DOMINOES!!!

I hate the time between basketball and football. I'm not a baseball guy!