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World Cup Referees

Are there any other people who think the referees of the World Cup consistently made shitty calls the whole time?

US vs Ghana Penalty Kick

Italy vs Australia Penalty Kick

Italy vs France Penalty Kick

Portugal vs Holland missed dives and faking of the various players.

Many more examples…

But at least they didn’t screw up the call over the Zidane headbutt…

The Ref actually appologised to Mark Schwartzer from Australia after the Japanese were allowed a goal where he was interfered with. He said he had made a mistake.

FIFA did it’s best to ruin the ‘beautiful game’. Soccer was set to become the next big thing over in Australia according to some soccer experts.

It definetly had the attention of the whole country, but after all the bullshit calls we got I couldn’t watch a game.

Over 64 matches or whatever it is there are bound to be some bonehead decisions but the refs really fucked up this time.

Now for all us Aussies, back to the real sports!