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World Cup Players Workouts


I wonder what thier workouts are like...most of them have jacked legs and are pretty ripped up. VMO's are pretty crazy on some of these guys


run, run and did I mention run? that's football training along with skill training for you


Most teams just do a lot of running and sport specific drills. But some incorporate plyometrics and even weightlifting in the off season. Here is a sample off season workout program used by the Santa Clara University Soccer Team:


Abdominal/Core training
Power clean
Low clean pull
Power jerk
Plyometrics, foot drills, rope jumping


Abdominal/Core training
Power snatch from hang
Snatch pull from blocks
Good morning
Seated row
Plyometrics, foot drills, rope jumping


Power clean
High clean pulls
Push press
Plyometrics, foot drills, rope jumping

The Olympic lifts are done with triples and doubles. The pulls are also done with triples and doubles with higher intensity loads. The assistance exercises are done with 5-10 reps on the various exercises.

Goalies use a different program that also include upper body strength work.


any off season running workouts?