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World Champs Houston, TX, USA


The World Championships start today! Anyone going? For us in Europe it is on Eurosport full coverage. Search for full details of all events. Good luck to al athletes!


Lovchev: 264 C&J, 475 Total!!! What a way to end the World Champs. Congratulations for all the hard work put in by the organizers in Houston!


I was there from Sunday thru Sat morning. Unfortunately, I missed seeing the supers live, but watched on the live stream, so I saw the epic record being broken!!

Had a great time in Houston and met several of the weightlifters!! Notably, got pics with Hennequinn of France (85kg finished 10th), Bedzanyen of Russia (105kg with the epic 242kg squat jerk that wasn’t quite there), Uteshov of Kazakhstan (94kg) and Klokov. Also, met Victor Getts, Lu, and several others whom I don’t remember all their names. Awesome lifting and an amazing time!!