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World Champion Powerlifter Swede Selstrom?

Hey guys, this is my first post in here as I’m fairly new to strength sports in general but thought you might be the best source for finding info on this.

I recently joined a new gym and there’s a trainer at it who says he was a 4 time World Champion bench presser. I haven’t been able to find anything about him except a YouTube channel with some training videos on it but no competition lifts at all. I’ve asked him about it and he insists that this was all before powerlifting competitions made it their way to the internet.

Basically, has anyone heard of this guy? Is he for real? What federation was he lifting in, etc?

A quick openpowerlifting search for the name you gave shows that he’s competed once in a Bench only single ply show in 2007, in which he came second with a 263kg bench.

Maybe they were underground bench press contests. Low key secret society invitational comps. Like Bloodsport but for lifting weights.

Look around the gym to see if he has any trophy katanas laying around.


I’ve heard this one before. It goes something like… “When I was your age, I was bench pressing 315 as a warmup and picking girls up with both hands while I rested”
or maybe “I would’ve gone pro if it weren’t for that knee injury”

It sounds like the dude at one point (at least 20 years ago) had a respectable bench press, but thats about it. Ask him to demonstrate a good 5x5 for you, or ask to tag along for a workout with a “pro” like him. :joy: