World Breaker Brett: Having fun

June '7 -Hi everyone, my name is Brett. I am 15yrs Old and plan on going pro in strongman later in life. I am from the great Texas and I love my family and anything weightlifting


Hey brett! Nice to see another teenager around! Im 15, im in for your log .

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Alright! Sup Brett!
Tell us about your lifts. In aswell.

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Same as Duke i’m also 15, and excited to see this log

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Strongman is by far the best gym based sport. Welcome, welcome.

Welcome aboard! It’s great to see people your age getting into it. The teen nationals was in Austin last summer. Where about in Texas are you?

I’m in the Conroe area. I’m trying to find a comp I can compete in without getting my butt whooped. Sadly it’s looking like next year will be when I compete

I think you meant to reply to @TX_iron, but I’ll reply anyway.

If you’re not strong enough to win, there is no glory to put off competing. The learning experience from an actual competition is invaluable, and will pay off for future endeavors.

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Thanks man, glad to see people my age in on this.

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Thanks man, excited to start this

7/3/17 Monday
Today was my Squat day and I’m getting back into High Bar Squatting
4x6 Back Squats @190lbs
3x6 Back Squats W/3 Second Pause @175lbs
Most of these Reps moved slower than I wanted and were around an RPE 8-9.
Monday in general was a crappy day considering I didn’t eat enough and had 5 hours of sleep.

Conditioning for the day
3x150ft Sandbag Carries
3x150ft Sled Drags (Backwards)

Missed morning cardio due to bad sleep schedule. Also had to miss lunch because I’m coaching a kids boxing class. Was good day though, the workout was pretty quick.


In too

I agree with @brady888 on competing as soon as you can. I know some comps have teen divisions. You’re in luck living in Conroe, lots of competitions take place around the Houston area; I just did a competition in the Woodlands.

It is probably different in the teen classes since at most someone will only have a little more experience than you, but in the adult classes unless you’re really good, you’re very likely going to get blown away by the competition. But that’s okay! It’s a great learning experience - something you can’t just simulate in training.

There are lots of strongmen on these boards. I can’t speak for all of us, but I think you’d be more than welcome to pop into any of our training logs if you have questions, looking for tips, or want to see how other strongmen/women train. Most of us have “strongman” in the title, but be sure to also check out “Alpha’s Log” and “Rebirth of the Juggernaut” as these are strongman logs as well.

Bets of luck to you.

7/5/17 Wednesday
Today was my Deadlift day. Everything went pretty smooth. I was still feeling DOMS from Monday.
3x4 Deadlift @260lbs
2x4 Deficit DL @225lbs
4x4 Barbell Rows @155lbs
Most lifts went up with the amount of speed I wanted but on my last few reps of deficit DL I slowed down a little bit. The rows I do on my deadlift day incorporate a good amount of body english, but it has helped my deadlift A LOT.

Conditioning for the day
3x150ft Sandbag carrries
3x45sec Tire Flips W/385lb tire
Conditioning today was horrible, I puked up my pre-Workout meal lol. I missed morning cardio again because of my crap sleep schedule. It was a pretty good training day and I might be getting some new equipment for my garage gym finally!

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Thanks for all the advice man, people like you are the reason I am where I am today and I just cant express how glad I am to have all the knowledge I do.

7/6/17 Thurday
Today is my day that I take my Sandbag up to the track and make myself hurt
4x200m Sandbag Carries
1x10 Sandbag Carries up Bleachers
1x15 Bleachers W/no Sandbag
Lots of Leg and Back DOMS today but all my movement has kept me from feeling the full effects of it.
It was a good day of eating and got 7 hours of sleep. Just an hour off my goal hours so progress there. Any help I can have finding a solid powerlifting bar that won’t cost an arm and a leg would be much apreciated. My family wants to help out but we don’t have a ton of money lol


Damn your deadlift better than mine


Thanks, I have to make up for my horrible bench somehow lol

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this short body is made for bench and squat check my log

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Absolutely monster dude. I have relatively long arms for my body size so DL is pretty good for me. I am also pretty good at squat current PR is 330lbs. but 350 for you looked like nothing man. And you are a bench monster. I’ve been at this for about 5 1/2 Months. How far in are you?

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