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World Breaker Brett: Diving Into The Pit

6/8/21- Press Medley

  • Movement Prep x4 Rounds

  • Press Medley- 230 Axle/210 Log/120 CDB
    (Hit 4 sets of this, first/last set were best, 3 reps on a 20sec timer for CDB at the end of the medley for both of those. 2nd and 3rd set were dumpster fires because of small mistakes)

  • Zercher SSB Front Foot Elevated Split Squats-
    85lbs/38kg +Mini Bands- x2x45sec (Per Leg)
    This protocol had tears rolling out of my eyes on the last set, constant tension, absolute gut check.

6/9/21- Deadlifts & Sandbag

  • Movement Prep x3 Rounds

  • Axle Deadlifts-
    120lbs/54kg x5
    320lbs/145kg x3
    410lbs/185kg x1
    460lbs/208kg x1
    500lbs/226kg x2
    (Found out our axle weighs 30lbs and not 25lbs today, which means my axle deadlift PR is also my all time deadlift PR at 550 now… and I went 5lbs under comp weight on axle yesterday. Only thing that sucks is all my weights are ending 0’s now and it looks weird… maybe just a me thing.)

200# Sandbag x50ft, jog x50ft, 200# Sandbag x50ft- x2x2 afterwards, got my lungs pretty beat up by this.