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World Breaker Brett: 20 Weeks of Off-season

6/8/21- Press Medley

  • Movement Prep x4 Rounds

  • Press Medley- 230 Axle/210 Log/120 CDB
    (Hit 4 sets of this, first/last set were best, 3 reps on a 20sec timer for CDB at the end of the medley for both of those. 2nd and 3rd set were dumpster fires because of small mistakes)

  • Zercher SSB Front Foot Elevated Split Squats-
    85lbs/38kg +Mini Bands- x2x45sec (Per Leg)
    This protocol had tears rolling out of my eyes on the last set, constant tension, absolute gut check.

6/9/21- Deadlifts & Sandbag

  • Movement Prep x3 Rounds

  • Axle Deadlifts-
    120lbs/54kg x5
    320lbs/145kg x3
    410lbs/185kg x1
    460lbs/208kg x1
    500lbs/226kg x2
    (Found out our axle weighs 30lbs and not 25lbs today, which means my axle deadlift PR is also my all time deadlift PR at 550 now… and I went 5lbs under comp weight on axle yesterday. Only thing that sucks is all my weights are ending 0’s now and it looks weird… maybe just a me thing.)

200# Sandbag x50ft, jog x50ft, 200# Sandbag x50ft- x2x2 afterwards, got my lungs pretty beat up by this.

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Been a minute since I checked in here. Life has been on the move rapidly since graduation. Last weekend I went and competed at Houston’s Strongest Deviant in the open MW 200 class. Managed a 3rd place out of 4 in a very very close battle between 2nd and 1st place!

1st: 12 Points
2nd: 11 Points
3rd: 10 Points (me)
4th: 7 Points

Event 1: Max Axle Deadlift
Attempt 1: 495lbs/224kg
Attempt 2: 535lbs/242kg
Attempt 3: 555lbs/251kg
(Got all 3 successfully, made for a solid 2nd place)

Event 2: Press Medley
235lbs/105kg Axle, 225lbs/102kg Log, 125lbs/56kg CDB (Circus Dumbbell was Max Reps)

Managed 3rd in this event with 3 reps. Wasn’t what I was aiming for, but wasn’t terribly upset either. Dumbbell was crazy slick and slipped off my wrist on my 4th rep attempts.

Event 3: Texas Stone Carry (Hussafell Stone shaped like Texas)
355lbs/161kg for max distance. Managed 75ft. Made a dumb mistake and tried to reset it on my lap, all the plates in it tipped forward and ripped it out of my arms and destroyed my attempt. Was only 13ft away from 2nd place too)

Event 4: Yoke Zercher Carry/Sandbag Load Medley
375lbs/170kg Yoke, 200lbs/90kg & 250lbs/113kg

Managed 2nd fastest time here, first only edged me out by .6 seconds. Still very happy with this result.

Overall came out of this meeting some awesome people, had a blast, and think I found my weightclass home for a bit. Feel very strong and competitive at my BW rn. Just need to refine it a bit more and get more competition experience!

7/2/21- Yolo Deadlift Session

  • Movement Prep x4 Rounds

  • Deadlifts-
    135lbs/62kg x10
    225lbs/102kg x1
    315lbs/143kg x1
    405lbs/183kg x1
    455lbs/206kg x1
    495lbs/224kg x1
    545lbs/247kg x1
    585lbs/265kg x1 (30lb All time deadlift PR)

Dunno what in my mind thought it’d be a good idea to deadlift that day… but it came to an amazing result. First 6 plate pull in the books, 20lbs off of my “milestone for the year” and have almost put 80lbs on my deadlift in just a smidge under a year. Weighed in full clothes and shoes at 196 that day too, so easily a lb added, which means that was my first ever 3x BW pull!


Great comp result and what an awesome pr, 6 plate and triple bodyweight, and you’re still so young, keep driving hard - very bright things in the future for you!

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Appreciate it tons! Catching up on your log looks like you’ve been getting after it bro!

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Here's that deadlift PR too for anyone who would like to take a gander. Warning, the camera work is horrible and I have quite an explicit spaz moment at the end of it too...

Fantastic pull!

Was that a pastor calling you out on the language in the comments?

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He might have been haha, my celebrations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea😂


Fucking hell man! Awesome showing and I know I’m repeating myself but you’re deadlifts are incredible!

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Appreciate it a ton bro! Gonna need to catch up on your training endeavors soon!

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Had a big press, now comps are incoming. Other than that you haven’t missed a ton, haha.

7/6/21- Random Log Press Session

  • Movement Prep x4 Rounds

  • Log Strict Press (From Rack)
    Empty Log x2x2
    180lbs/81kg x1
    200lbs/90kg x1
    220lbs/100kg x1 (20lb PR Strict press)
    240lbs/108kg x in my dreams haha, glued to my chest, confident I’ll have it and then some after some more off season work though.


I mean this as a compliment, not disrespect, you are way stronger than you look.

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Jesus now we are even tying on the pressing. Couldn’t you leave me one thing, youngster? Haha

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great work in Houston man. I wish I could have finished the show, but congrats on such a strong showing!

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Hahaha yeah I’m still just a fairly awkwardly built 18 year old who likes to lift heavy😂

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These PR’s just keep flying out of nowhere hahaha!

It was a pleasure meeting you man! Hope everything is going well on your end of the world, and hope to see you at more comps!

I still can’t deadlift more than 225 right now, just bending over is pretty painful. I’ll be back at it soon enough though!

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7/19/21- Substrate, Goals, and Plans!

  • Running x60sec + 10 Rotational MB Slams- x2x3 Rounds, 60sec rest between sets.

  • “0accl” Hamstring Curls + KB RDL’s- x4x12-15each (50lbs on leg curls, 40lb KB’s)

  • SSB Zercher FFESS’s-
    BW x5 (Per Leg)
    Empty Bar x5 (Per Leg)
    85lbs/38kg + Black Mini Band x3x20sec (Per Leg)

  • Chest Supported RDF’s + Chest Supported KB Rows-
    10lbs/4.5kg RDF’s ~ 40lbs/18kg KB Rows

  • Incline DB Flyes → Flat DB Flyes → 1.5 Machine OHP-
    25lbs/11kg x15 for both flyes, 90lbs/40kg on Machine OHP

  • Arm Farm- (4:20sec)
    100 band hammer curls & tricep pushdowns

Diving deep into a big developmental block of training right now, gonna be trying to put on some size and peak my log and deadlift at the end of the 20 weeks. This might be what pushes my pull to 600+

Ideally all I’m looking for right now is a significant increase in my static power and a heavier frame for competing in u90kg. Current BW is sitting perfectly at 198lbs, ideally I want to see a 205-210 that is leaner than it’s ever been shown. After I complete this program I’ll be attempting to find a qualifier event for both USS and Strongman Corp nationals. Ideally compete teen LW in USS and Open Men u90kg for strongman corp!

7/20/21- Thrasher Day 1

  • Movement Prep x4 Rounds

  • Log Strict Press- 75sec rest
    Empty log x10
    130lbs/59kg x2x7
    150lbs/68kg x2x7
    160lbs/72kg x2x7
    170lbs/77kg x7
    (Definitely some volume and rep PR’s in here, strict log has blown up for me)

  • SSB Squats-
    Empty Bar x20
    170lbs/77kg x5
    220lbs/100kg x3x30sec (30sec Rest)
    220lbs/100kg x1min (Dead)

7/21/21- Recovery Day

  • Medium Pace Jogging- x2x90sec (30sec rest)

  • Retro Sled Drag- x2x200ft + MB Rotational Tosses x2x10 (Per Side)

  • 10 rounds of: Pull-ups x2, Dips x4, Split Squat MB Fake Tosses x2 (Per Leg)

  • Split Squat Band Seesaw Rows x3x20sec (Per Leg) + RFE Bear Position Iso-Hold x3x20sec

  • 1 on 1 Basketball game with my training partner (Damn I suck at basketball hahaha)