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World BP & DL Champ. - Nov. 12-17


WABDL® -World Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships
Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas NV

So, how many of you T-Nationers will be there? I'm flying in the 14th and out the 17th. A couple friends are competing. Plus, my buddy Terry knows Gus, Ken Anderson and a few of the other characters there. I just want to meet some of those guys so I can put a face to the stories :wink:


Are there gonna be many international lifters there?


One of my friends is going. He'll be turning 19 this month, but already has a 520 BP under his belt. He's hoping to hit something in the 540's this time. He's not a member here, but he said he has met Terry before.

His names Darrin Dunham, you can check him under the records for the 242 weight class.

EDIT Apparently someone chipped his record by 1.1 lbs on September 14th. You can bet he's gonna be anxious to take it back.


I've been to the past three WABDL worlds, and they've all been a ton of fun. I don't think I can make it this year, though, because of a combination of bad timing (it used to be the week of Thanksgiving instead of the week before) and expensive plane tickets.

It's usually an enormous meet (I think two years ago set the all-time record for most participants in a powerlifting meet), but I've heard attendance might be a little lower this year. Should still be a good time though :slightly_smiling:

PS. Oh, and I've known Gus for about 4 years now... or at least I think I have - sometimes he gets my name right and sometimes he doesn't haha.


I'm not sure how many countries will have lifters, but a friend named 5 or 6. I don't know if there are several others or not. I think the meet is going to be around 500 lifters.


I found a great deal on rooms at a vacation website. It helped offset the cost of travel.


Last year, there were actually a few countries that came with full teams (I think Greece, Samoa, and Jamaica, though I might be completely wrong) as well as lifters representing many other countries. Probably about 15 flags hanging in the background. It's not nearly as international as say... the WPO, but it's got enough of you foreigny type people (@Hanley) to warrant being called a Worlds meet.