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Workplace WAGH! Part II

I posted a while ago about a ‘get in shape’ competition some women at the clinic I work at are doing. Well, since I let myself go over the past couple months, I decided to throw one together for the guys. All of 3 guys (me included) sign up, one wanting to join the Naval reserves and is using this to shape up.

He really got into it from day 1, trying to get others to join the gym with him. Getting his diet together has taken a little longer, though.

First he tried the Hollywood Juice diet, stopping after the first day when he pigged out 'cause he was starving. Then he did Slim Fast for three days, until our nutritionist laughed at him. Finally, he goes to GNC and comes back with a MRP from some company I’ve never heard of, Ripped Fuel and…amino acid tabs.

Ever hear an old song that brings back so many memories that it’s like getting punched in the gut? That’s what this AA bottle did for me. I actually took a step back and leaned against the wall as the memories of buying AA tabs, weight gainers, Cybergenics, and various other ‘build up muscle quick!’ programs flooded back. I still kick myself for throwing away all that money (imagine the mods one could do to Nate Dogg’s car! :wink: ).

I tell him he doesn’t need the AA tabs (1 serving packs a wallop of 100 cals, 4 g protein and some leucine) and that egg whites or a good protein powder (heck, almost anything else) would be better.

He looks suspicious and accuses me of trying to keep him from winning the contest. Then he grabs the MRP canister, shows me the AA profile listing, and excitedly tells me how the GNC guy said this MRP has “all this good stuff in it for the body”.

At this point I’m rubbing my face with both hands not knowing whether to laugh or cry because I’m seeing myself years ago, way before t-mag and even the early MM2K.

I’m not saying I’m a diet guru. Far from it. But it’s times like that where I realize how far I’ve come.

So thanks to TC, Tim, Shugart, Berardi and the misc posters who’ve given great advice. You’ve made things much easier!

I think that just reading t-mag deffinetely does not make you a guru. You got a long way before you even have a clue what you are talking about.

LOL! They will destroy themselves with misinformation. Then you can win the contest and say, “I told you so!”

It’s a sad state of affairs we live in these days with all the horrible training and nutrition advice available to those seeking to better themselves.