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What kind of workouts do you follow for your conditioning?

Currently, my goals are set on losing weight and training for the military, but I really don’t like the simplistic training that the military recommends for recruits. Fullbody workouts 3 times a week with running on off days isn’t really training strength or explosive power or grip or anything else that gives me a leg up on lighter, more in shape guys. The Special Forces training programs offered look like better prepared workout protocols, but I’m looking for something that lets me work on strength as well.

Obviously, pullups, running, crunches, all fine, but I’m still a strength athlete at heart and prefer to keep my strength while I’m getting better endurance (strength meaning bodyweight relative strength such as pistol squats, pullups, rope climbing, pushups, etc., all done with difficult variations and/or with added weight). Wanting to change up my program to something maybe more effective, or better for my schedule.

Any advice is welcome. I suck at endurance work and never learned much about it.

Im trying to increase my endurance.

Currently lifting 5/3/1 twice a week followed with some type of running(im doing the couch to 5km program), plus 2 other days of steady state cardio in the form of riding a bike. Eat less… I feel been lighter helps with the conditioning side of things.


Just as the bird said, get on a bike, I race road and mountain bikes and dam it doesn’t half put your endurance levels through the roof and quickly.


Which site has better programming? Crossfit Endurance or Crossfit Workhorse?