Workouts Without Supersets

I live in a large city, and the gyms are always pretty crowded. Its not realistic to take up 2 or 3 areas so I can superset (ie meltdow, ovt, abbh, etc.). Any good workouts that are a bit more gym friendly? My goal is fat loss.

German Volume Training

In most cases, you could modify the programs insofar that you perform the supersets as straight sets. Not optimal (you probably will have to lower the weight on some of the exercises slightly), but you have to work with what you’ve got. This will not work well with regard to Meltdown or other programs conceived as circuits, though.

day 1 - deadlift, bench press, curls
day 2 - off
day 3 - off
day 4 - squat, military press, chin up
day 5 - off
day 6 - off
day 7 - off
day 8 - repeat until awesome


Dan John’s One Lift a Day

Complexes ala Alwyn Cosgrove - one bar, one weight, one place, many movements!

as an example:
1 military press
2 clean
3 front squat
4 bent over row
5 deadlift

load the bar up with a moderate weight, start with the hardest/weakest lift first, and get after it!