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Workouts with Bodyweight, Hex Bar, Kettlebells, and Power Tower?

Let me start off by saying I know T-Nation is a mostly meat eater, get after it in the gym, power lifting in the cave kinda place and I LOVE THAT. Well used to. I lifted for 4 years straight, 5 days a week. I got pretty yoked, just to lose it. Unfortunately, I haven’t found myself in a gym for 4 years. Almost the amount of time I have been out of the Marine Corps. I went from 6’2 240 at 12-14% bf to 6’2 250 probably 30-35% bf. I looked at myself in the mirror today while getting in the shower and thought “What the fuck have you let yourself become, man boobs.” I haven’t got a compliment about my physique in years. I just had my first kid and t I’ll be damned if she has to look at her 250lb piece of chewed up bubble gum father growing up. All my house allows me the space to have is a hex bar, some kettle bells, and a power tower. Can somebody, anybody help me get back to being in better shape than I was with a good workout routine with the limited amount of equipment given. I like the thought of being able to do a ton of push ups, pull ups and dips. I don’t need to be 240 and fairly lean, anymore. I’d be okay with just being lean and cut up. HELP. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Honestly.

Since you have been in shape before, it should be easier for you. I think you should spread out your equipment and list what exercises you can do with it. Looks like you have most everything you need.
I assume you have some plates for the hex bar. Hex bars are a lot of fun. I did some rows with mine yesterday and got pretty sore in the mid-back.


If your goal really is just to lean out, 90% of the work will be done in the kitchen. This is good news because it means you can really train in a way you enjoy.

Like routine and consistency? Awesome, Pavel/John style Easy strength or Simple and Sinister or 10,000 swing challenge for you.

Need variety everyday to keep you motivated? Great, look into Crossfit style workouts, check out neversate dot com or Brian Alsruhe on YouTube.

Seriously, your goals are so vague that you can lift in nearly anyway you want, since your lean-ness will be 90% linked to diet.


Do the 10,000 swing kettlebell challenge.

I lost 19 lbs in 30 days eating in a deficit and doing the workouts for time.

Follow that with a good bro split or PPL and you’ll be on your way. Nutrition is key here.

I’m personally not a fan of cutting with strength programs.

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Yep, cant go wrong.
-Alternate with these to get going…

As Brian was mentioned above, …then can do this when really want to crank it up…

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A. You guys are the shit and thank you for taking the time out of your hectic life to answer my questions.

B. Crossfit is a blast I think and I used to be a serious cave dwelling MEAT EATER. Did Mike O’Hearns Power Building for a year and put on almost 35 lbs natty. Which I will say, my gym coach was a STRICT “to get your most newbie gains, you need to power lift.” kinda guy. Which I credit the fair amount of muscle I still have behind my hibernation blubber.

C. I do however, or would, like some tips on a good diet and or way of staying lean once I get there. I did it the total broscience way of cut out all of lifes fun stuff and get on the hamster wheel every day. I need a course of direction on how to maintain staying lean once I get there.

and D. I do have more space to invest in more kettle bells, I do not however have much experience with them. They seem like you do 100 things 100 ways with them. I do pack on muscle easily, most guys would envy actually and I take for total granite, which will help lean out but I DO HAVE TROUBLE initially getting the FAT OFF. Again, you guys FUCKING ROCK.

The kettlebell swing challenge is 1 exercise. Kettlebell swings. You do some pull-ups/dips etc between swings but it’s only 1 kettlebell exercise. Look up proper form for kb swings on YouTube, and do it. It’s a conditioning program. Again, your fat loss will mostly have to do with your DIET, but if you’re looking strictly to lean out, this is a way to improve your conditioning, grip strength, posture, glute recruitment, etc.

Here’s my write-up from when I did it.


I read every word, getting ready to get my kettle bell this monday or tuesday from Onnit and also ordered a mace to incorporate a day or two of tire slams… I’m excited. Just doing pull ups, dips and pushups until the KB gets here. I’ll keep you all posted!