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Workouts That Train Fast Recovery

obviously, quite a few workouts on here, especially some of the popular fat burners (fat to fire, meltdown) require you to be able to recover quickly as to avoid overtraining. for someone that doesn’t quite have the recovery levels available for those more intense workouts, are there any good training programs to increase recovery ability?

Your best friend is going to be frequency in order to up your recovery ability. ie. hitting the same muscle group mulitiple times a week, you are looking to stimulate them not inhiliate them. Slowly upping the volume and loads as you progress and adapt to such methods.

Off the top of my head the many programs by CW come to mind. Namely TBT and ABBH. Your goal is to hit the same muscles three or more times a week and hit them breif and hard. Get out of the gym and do it all again in a day or so. Yes even training through some soreness.

Important factors to consider=
1)Limit going to failure or not at all for a while.

  1. and probably most important or close to it. A Solid diet. This plays a huge role in recovery.

  2. Proper recovery, including rest, food, life stress, even no excercise activity and GPP or extra workout that will be used to speed recovery.

  3. Aim to progress each and every week. Add a little weight, add a rep add a set, add a whole extra day. It all depends on where you start. But simply aim to make progress in each and every session each and every week, or maintain current sessions and add more sessions. It will be a balancing act of finding how fast you can progress. If you ever start recessing then you have attempted to progress to fast.

All that blabber said now, IMHO the greratesty way to increase recovery ability is to simply train for it. Train for it by adding frequency of stimulus.

Hope this helps,