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Workouts That Ain't Worth Crap


I'm so flippen down about my workout last night. I honestly felt like I was pushing myself, and today I feel like I didn't do squat.

Usually im all swollen and feel great, but this time I just feel like a log! What's the deal?

Eaten good, protein for days...tuna/oats/olive oil/sups and taken my creatine...haven't changed crap.

I backed off for 2 days due to a shoulder clicking, but made an effort to hammer myself last night.....SIGH...


well how long have you been training, have you taken any considerable time off, more than 2 days. like a week. maybe your body is telling you something!


I have been doing this for about 3 months now. (not a long time)
5'5" 132lbs to now 149...

Doing well, just seems like after I backed off (not stopped) a couple day this last workout was a waste of time....

Don't feel tired or beat up or anything, just like I didn't even work it....

Time to up the weights I guess....


since you've only been at it for a couple of months.
to make a long story short, two things could be happening.

1 you may not be eating enough carbs, and this would cause you to fell as if your battery is running low.

2 it is common for men to produce estrogen espescially under stress.

and if you combine the two.
you would be feeling like crap or maybe even bitchy.


Don't judge a workout on how it makes you feel. That's subjective and changes constantly. Judge it based on results you get from it. Charles Staley says something to the effect of "Don't judge the efficacy of a workout by the amount of pain you're in afterward." You may get sore, or you may not, but if you're making progress, that's what counts.


Don't let one workout get you down. Get psyched for the next one. Everyone has bad workouts once in a while. Sometimes it means overtraining, sometimes it means stress, sometimes you're just tired when you go into the weight room. There are tons of possible reasons.

If it has an underlying cause, take care of that first. If not (just didn't sleep enough or something), don't sweat it. Your next workout will be better.


OneEye is dead on. Judging how effective a single session in the gym was by how you feel the next day is pointless.

Feeling sore/beat up the day after a workout doesnt mean a damn thing. Now making progress in the gym and on the scale those are the important things, regardless of how you feel.



Dan "incredulous" McVicker


I think it's quickly becoming common knowledge that raul should be ignored...


I second That...

Also, I've read & experienced that after a hard session it might take 2-3 days for you to feel any soreness etc. from training.


Take a week off, then do EDT.

I'm on One Lift A Day, and do dumbell bench presses once a week. I barely break a sweat and don't feel like I did anything, but the next day I'm sore, and the numbers are going up, so I'm learning to look at it as a "break," since it's between weekly squat and deadlift days.


I need to, my sholders clicking and kinda hurts....Good time to recoop...

EDT, looks rough! It seems like a tone up rather then bulk building kind of thing....


ROUGH yes. A tone up thing NO. it was actually made and meant to pack on size. Sure you may get some baody comp shifts preferential to LBM over fat mass but that depends on how and what you are eating.

I would NOT suggest EDT unless you are eating more than enough. It is brutal and will make you grow like a weed if you eat for it.


The EDT workout works very well, sometimes it is nice to cut back on time in the gym and EDT is more than enough work.


Well... DID you do squats??

Seriously, feeling beat or sore the next day is not a good indicator of workout effectiveness. Sure, sometimes when you really push it you get sore. Especially in the first years of training. But trust the tape measure, mirror, PR's, and admiring looks from the ladies over how much pain your muscles are in.

I like to stick with the big compound lifts but sometimes I do a day or two of dumbell work. I'm lifting less weight overall but the change in routine usually has me feeling it the next morning. Some variety also keeps thing interesting and helps keep your body balanced and injury free. Just keep at it, you'll be sore again soon. Bet on it.

Again Seriously... You DID do squats, right??


i wish i felt like i did nothing after my workouts.


Squats...admittedly..no..(I will)

Bench inclined/flat
Skullcrushers are my fave

Thats about it, aside from some abb work.

My traps are feeling it for sure, and my back.

At this point, I'm in the middle of a week long break to allow my shoulder some time to heal up, not sure if its brused or what..but I know clicking and pain, can't be good.


ok first off,he took 2 days off and recovered some,so he wasnt tired because he had enough energy to get him through with excess.I take weekends off(id die if i didnt)and monday rolls around and i feel great....tuesday on the other hand aint so great


I think I found my answer..

I think not drinking enough water can mess up your returns when working out.

Not drinking enough water with creatine is as good as not taking creatine at all it...at least for me anyway..


oh, duh.