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Workouts Sequence for Conjugate

Hi. What is your favorite/preferred way to sequence workouts if following an upper-lower split?

Day 1, lower
Day 2, upper
Day 3, rest/walk*


Day 1, upper
Day 2, lower
Day 3, rest/walk*

*40 min. walks with 20lb vest.

Following a conjugate method training style. Thanks…

When I use an upper/lower split I normally split training sessions this way:

Monday: Day 1
Tuesday: Day 2
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Day 3
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Day 4
Sunday: OFF

And I normally prefer to start with an upper body workout because I find that when you have two consecutive workouts, an upper body session has less negative impact on the lower body session than a lower body workout can have on an upper body session the net day (because a lower body workouts leads to more systemic fatigue).

For most it would look like:

Monday : Upper body
Tuesday: Lower body
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Upper body
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Lower body
Sunday: OFF

If for an athlete upper body strength isn’t really important (e.g. track cycling, sprinting, speed skating) I would put the lower body session first. And with lower body dominant athletes who still require some upper body strength (e.g. bobsleigh) I would likely also put the lower body session first.

But honestly, with athletes I tend to rely more on a “three whole body + 1 extra (minor assistance)” workout structure.

And if someone is under a lot of stress and tends to have problems with recovery. I could use a 1-on/1-off approach. So on some weeks he would train 4 days on others 3 days:

Monday: Upper body
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Lower body
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Upper body
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Lower body

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Upper body
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Lower body
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Upper body
Sunday: OFF

Monday: Lower body
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: Upper body
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Lower body
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Upper body


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This is somewhat of an aside but really looking forward to your third article on Jacked Athlete 31. Really curious to see if it’s periodized in any way near this

or something else.

I also have a workout using this approach coming up on T-nation



Any lurkers in this thread, checkout the Thibarmy site for the article series I mentioned.

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In your experience, is there any detriment on lower body days if one does light weighted walks (30-40 minutes) the day before leg day? I appreciate your response.

I’ve been waiting for it. It said it was supposed to come out on Tuesday, but something must’ve come up.

Plenty of Tuesdays to come :slight_smile: