Workouts For the V-Taper

Currently I am doing westside training for skinny bastards and I am enjoying the workouts.

Currently i would like to focus on getting the V because my girlfriend said thats her most favoriate thing of all the hot spots(abs, chest, back, arms etc). I know lats are the reason you get a V, but i’m wondering what else i can do to get the V in addition to the westside program.

what should i add in to get the job done?

also, i have heard that pausing at the top of upper back movements greatly increases hypertrophy. Is this true? And will this work when doing pullups?

I don’t know much about your present workout, but for the V, you should also lift for wide shoulders.
Wide grip pull-ups are a good idea as well.
How about your diet and current waist measurment. Keeping this tight will of course help get that look.

I’ve always thought grip variations in pull-ups is bullshit.

It’s not really the grip that makes you wide. It’s MASS. I mean, it’s not like there is an outer lat and inner lat. Correct me if I’m wrong of course.

I use a normal grip - just put my arms up and grip the bar - wide grip fucks with my rotators.

Just keep blowing your back up with heavy movements - lots of pulls, heavy rows, and deads

Oh yeah, hit the overhead presses hard too.


I agree with you and should have been more clear.
I do all my pulls wide and my chins in. Merely samantics and I apologize for unintentionally leading someone astray.
I prefer wides because --I–do feelthem more through my upper lat area, especially when I hold them a 1 or 2 count
Finish off with wide partials, held also, and it feels like someones got an air pump blowing up your back.