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Workouts for Ice Hockey


Hi, I was just wondering if any of you guys knew any good work-out regimens for playing ice hockey. I'm looking to develop speed, balance, core strength, and overall muscle size to pack on some weight. Currently I'm 5' 10'' at 160lbs but i wanna increase this to 170 by christmas.


I got some good suggestions and advice on this thread. Good luck!



Cheers, that a great help.


This is a really big topic, but a note on balance as you continue putting everything you find together - do not, for the love of God, rely on the stability ball or wobble boards to develop balance on skates. Neither will help that specific skill. The stability ball will help if you use it for heavy DB pressing, some ab work, etc. to learn how to stabilize a load on your upper body, sure, but you need little of that as a hockey player.

Maximal strength (and as the game goes on, strength endurance) in the muscles involved in leg stabilization such as the medial glutes, quads, hams, calves, etc. is what is important, as well as agility drills on the ice.

So basically, as you train for strength and speed (and presumably practice hockey as well) you'll improve your balance.