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Workouts/diets to gain weight

Hi, I’m 5’9 and weight about 140lbs. I’ve been searching everywhere for good workout routines to gain weight and muscle mass but I can’t seem to get a solid answer. I’ve gotten a lot of recommendations to visit t-nation and I’m hoping some of you might be able to help me out with a routine/dieting plan. Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

“It’s your diet stupid!”

Hey, skinny bastard! Go read “Massive Eating” by John Berardi and the “Pound a Week” article as well as the “Skinny Bastard Diet.” All can be found in a cool place called the Previous Issues section of T-mag.

As for training, go read some of the “Dawg School” articles found in T-mag (issues 114 and others).

I would definitely read up on the Massive Eating articles and anything written by John Berardi including the Appetite for Construction columns.

As for training, it is highly individual because everyone responds to different forms of stimuli. If anything, check out the link for the Frequently Asked Questions.

It is not 100% updated but it gives you a good basic idea of what’s out there. For other programs just refer to the Previous Issues.

In the end, just choose what seems to suit your fancy and stick to it throughout the whole duration of the program(s). Good luck to you.