Workouts and Methly Test

I am about to begin taking a methyl testosterone product. Do I need to workout each body part more than once a week, and do I need to focus more on compound exercises?

Hi Choloboy,
I am guessing that you are fairly new to weight training. Am I right?
I am no expert by any means but I think I am correct in understanding that methyl test is basically a steroidal compound and maybe should not be taken unless you 1)Have your training sorted out and basically have quite a bit of experience under your belt. 2)Have your nutrition in order. Again this takes time and experience. 3)Have done your homework on methyl test and know exactly what you are getting yourself into. From what I understand it can be quite hard on your liver and can have various other slightly unpleasent side effects.
Once you have done all these things and you are in a position to make an informed decision about using such a potent supplement then by all means use the methyl test. But until then it sounds as though you have some reading up to do and T-nation is an excellent place to start.
Sorry if I have come across as a patronising wanker but the truth is your post worried me a little. I am sure some other people will come along with their opinions on this.