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I posted a question about my total gym a couple of days ago and I got the response I thought I was going too get. I am not a newbie to working out but heres the deal. I stopped working out awhile ago and went on a partying binge and basically alot of my muscle turned into fat. The reason I was asking if yall thought me working out on my total gym was fine to lose weight right now was because im not really strong right now and I dont want to go into the gym and not be able to lift much. I have weights I can put on it right now to give me the needed resistance I need. Do you think its allright to workout on it right now and hit the gym in a couple of weeks. I promise this will be my last post about the total gym I was just wondering cause i didnt want it to go to waste.

First off, muscle doesn’t turn into fat. Second, if you are avoiding the gym because you don’t think you are lifting enough weight to show off with, you are there for the wrong reasons. Don’t worry though, because there are many people just like that in the gym as well. They are the ones that never leave the bench press because they want to make sure that everyone in the gym has heard them hoop and yell while trying to push up 275lbs while their training partner shrugs nearly 200lbs of that weight. Your goal, I suppose, is to make progress so why are you worried about what anyone else thinks? The truth is, if you were really serious you would have been working out on the “Total gym” and coming to this site to ask questions about if you should would never have crossed your mind. You may need to reassess your motivation and goals because sitting around wondering if you should do this or that is slowing down the progress you could have been making a long time ago. Join the gym and get to work. Your goal is not to show off anyway but to make progress beyond where you are now. I can’t imagine how you must be holding yourself back in other areas of your life if you allow public perception to dictate your every move.

Woo hoo hoo! DAMN! The Professor makes a rare Forum appearance to slap the shit out of someone! Funny funny funny (and right on the mark, I might add…)

Dude, just get back to working out. That’s all. Just do it.

Make a commitment to get back in the gym and back in shape. You want to get back in shape but are avoiding making the commitment because you know it will be hard. Results take patience and time but commitment above all else. You need to set goals beginning with a definate starting day to step back into the gym and begin. The sooner the better. Pick a day soon (like this friday, after work or sooner) and make a commitment to begin your come back on that day. Be determined to follow through and allow no excuses to not stick to your plan. The important thing is to start and then be consistent. Use the next couple days to plan your first weeks workouts and then get pumped up to start before the end of the week. Since you’re out of shape, set realistic goals, start slow, and be determined to improve each week. Hit the gym 3 times a week and let nothing stand in your way. With determination, you’ll achieve your goals. Good luck.