Workout with Calisthenics?

Hey everyone,
I want to make a gym workout routine for my body mainly for mass. I am a beginner, but I have trained in the past with calisthenics. I can do around 6 pullups and 30 diamond pushups.
My goals are:
1 - Muscle Up (which I plan on doing through the progessions with resistance bands
2 - Size
3- Correcting my anterior pelvic tilt which is making my stomach bulge out.
I will be training the muscle up 3 times a week. Also, I want to do exercises for anterior pelvic tilt often so I can fix that. I would also like to incorporate weighted pullups (hopefully) and dips into my workout. Please give me any solid routine because i want to get a gym membership soon.
Thank you and let me know if there are other questions.

For bodyweight training Get a copy of Jailhouse strong by Josh Bryant