Workout While Recovering from Rotator Cuff Surgery?

What’s up T Nation. Unfortunately the old rotator cuff needs some repair work so one arm will be out of commission for a bit. Anyone have a decent workout I can do with one arm? I’m looking for a 2 day workout, day 3 will be legs. Also any tips from anyone who’s had rotator cuff/labrum surgery in the past is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I just had my THIRD RC surgery in January. I pretty much did one arm cable work during my six weeks of immobilization. Also did some one arm seated presses, one arm pull downs and of course leg presses and extensions.

I have a few posts about my surgery and progress post surgery and PT.

hi, there. i’ve just had an operation for calcific tendonitis on my right shoulder. so i’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on post rotator cuff surgery workouts too.

i took a week off for the surgery. then back in the gym 3-4 times a week, focusing on legs mainly, but also keeping the left shoulder etc. ticking over at the end of each session.

legs are a bit of a neglected part for me, so i’m making an opportunity of this situation. however, since I cannot use my right shoulder at all, most big bang for buck exercises are also off limits - deadlifts, squats.

bought a cheap dip belt and using it for cable pull thrus for glutes, so I don’t have to use my right arm at all
45deg leg press for quads
calf raises on 45deg leg press machine and seated calf raises
seated leg curls for hamstrings

thoughts? comments? anyone

i have calcific tendonitis in my left shoulder too, but couldn’t do the two surgeries at once. so i have that to look forward too if the right shoulder surgery is deemed successful