Workout When Tired

Are there any problems with lifting when tired? Is it even worth it? Will you make gains?

its a stupid question, but I am curious

What kind of tired?

I recently had a back off week personally because I was feeling run down. My rule of thumb is that if you are not keen to lift, if the fire is not burning bright, then you need to rethink your program. Either reduce intensity, substitute some easier exercises or take some time off.

Training is supposed to fun. If you’re not looking forward to hitting the gym then something’s not right.

[quote]Hawkson101 wrote:
Are there any problems with lifting when tired? Is it even worth it? Will you make gains?

its a stupid question, but I am curious[/quote]

Whenever I have a hardship in life (I’m tired from working, I have unexpected bills to pay, I have a bad day, My muscles are sore from working out), I don’t train.

That you even asked this question tells me how “serious” you are about training.

I will lift when tired - but I have had insomnia issues for a while now, on and off. WHen I have had a bad night (less than 6 hours) I tend to drop weights or reps depending on which workout I am doing. I think unless you are really just trashed, go to the gym. Maybe take it a little easier, and sit in the sauna instead of oyur HIIT, but go if you can. Consisentcy is key.

Sleep Deprived Tired:

My normal rule is less than 5 hours sleep, no training.

If I’ve had plenty of sleep 2 nights before, I generally can train my ass off with as little as 4, or 4 1/2 hours sleep.

But generally I try to get sufficient sleep. In the last year, I’ve only missed 2 workouts because of this.

Run Down / Over-reaching tired:

I do back off weeks as necissary. Generally every 2-3 months, I’ll take one week and drop my weights so i’m doing 15-30 rm’s.

If I really needed to, I’d take a few extra days, or a week off. But I’m not a huge fan of that. There are so many different ways to perform a deloading week that I no longer believe in time off… But then, the rest of my lifestyle is pretty inactive. (student, non-labor work)


When I’m eating correctly, and getting enough OVERALL rest, and am taking sufficient rest days (i lift 4x a week, + 2 cardio days) I ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD WORKOUT.

I might feel like crap when I start, but it will always end up good, as long as the above conditions are met.

I always lift…though I may or may not use illegal things to assist my energy if I don’t sleep well. I’ll say no more about that

My rule is… break a sweat everyday.

If i had to dance to late the night before and am too tired to lift i will do yoga or pilates… i will run or do conditioning work… something.

If i’m feeling burnt out i just make sure i pack up my crap and force myself into the gym… once i am there, iPod in my head, i slowly get motivated and end up with a kick ass workout.

If i dont wanna be around people i will run, if the Ohio weather permits, or again i will do yoga, pilates, or conditioning… or wail away on a heavy bag til my knees, shins, and knuckles bleed.