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Workout w/out a Lot of Equipment


Hi all!

A friend recommended this site to me as a really good source of honest information. I have been lifting for about 9 months now and have seen pretty spectacular gains, considering what I used to look like. I recently moved to an apartment complex whose equipment is less than abundant and stellar.

They have the standard dumbbell set, a lat pull down machine, a row machine, leg curl machine, and a chest/shoulder/incline press machine. Can anyone suggest a decent workout using these machines and/or my own body weight.

Thanks so much!


What's your height, weight, and condition (fat, kinda chubby, lean, super-ripped)?

What are your goals?

How heavy do the dumbbells go?

Off the top of my head, you still have... chest presses, floor presses, floor flyes, push-up variations, dumbbell and machine rows, pulldown variations, shoulder presses and raises, curls, tri extensions, pressdowns on the pulldown station, bodyweight squats, lunges, and step-ups, goblet squats, dumbbell squats/deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, leg curl, dumbbell calf raises, farmer's walks.

Between all of those, you have a bunch of options.


Height: 6'3
Weight: 204
Condition: Pretty lean, little bit of stomach flab.

I would like to gain size and strength. I don't want to be huge.

The dumbbells go to 85.


Pretty much what Chris said. Can you just but your own equipment?


I'm probably just going to join a gym in town.


that was a quick decision.

if you need inspiration for lack of equipment and training search on google about the dude on africa who built his own gym in the middle of nowhere with sticks, sands and bamboo


Ha, well if that's an option, for sure go that route. But like I said, you pretty much have everything you need to train effectively for a while. Especially with 85 pound dumbbells, that's actually better than I was expecting.

Again, off the top of my head, in that apartment gym you could try something along the lines of:

A) Goblet squat 4x6-8
B) Reverse lunge 3x8-10
C) Dumbbell Romanian deadlift 4x8-10
D) Leg curl 2x10-12
E) 1-leg standing calf raise 2x12-15

A) Reverse grip pulldown 4x6-8
B) Machine row 3-8-10
C) Stiff arm pulldown 2x10-12
D) 1-arm dumbbell row 3x8-10

A) Machine incline press 4x6-8
B) Floor flye 4x10-12
C1) Push-up 3x12-15
C2) Machine chest press 3x10-12

A) 1-arm standing shoulder press 4x6-8
B) Lateral raise 3x8-10
C) Bent flye 2x12-15
D1) Hammer curl 3x6-8
D2) Tricep pressdown 3x10-12
E1) 1-arm dumbbell curl 3x8-10
E2) Overhead extension 3x6-8