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Workout Volume After Weights Increase?


Last week I got extremely frustrated with my stalled progress and pushed harder then ever at the gym. As a result, virtually all the weights on my lifts have gone up. I broke through the psychological plateau and did more volume with more weights then ever before.

This week I had assumed that I would be able to do similar volume with the same weights, but I found out the hard way that I was wrong. I found that I could not do as many reps with the weights that I did the week prior.

Assuming that hypertrophy is my goal, how should I have approached the workout after my weights have gone up? Is this where I should start educating myself on periodization?


Age, height, weight, program, lifts?

...It was probably just a bad day? Have you been back into the gym and tried again?

The short answer, might be yes, periodization might be an idea??


age; 27
height: 6'2
weight; 193


Inclinde DB BP 5x5
Trap bar deadlifts 4x5
Pullups 4x8 (10/or fail)

Squat 4x8
sitting calf raises 4x15
standing calf raises (4x15


Standing BB military press 4x5
Shrugs 5x8
Face-pulls 5x10
BB bicep curl 4x8

Sometimes I substitute straight sets with pyramids

Cardio+core; twice a week

weights; average for a guy who's been serious about working out for about a year
diet; carb cycling for fat loss, 3 high days (lifting days)


And your expecting hypertrophy from this program?


I'm expecting to retain as much muscle and strength as possible while I'm dropping the last couple of pounds of bodyfat.

How about some real advice instead of criticism from now on?


I wasn't trying to give you bad criticism. You did say

but I guess I interpreted it wrongly. I would have lead into helping with different split. However, I was blind sighted by not knowing your specific goals and interpreting that they were for hypertrophy.

Do you deload at all after a while of doing your workouts? Or is that what you mean by periodization?


See I'm a newbie. I don't know what deloading means and how to implement it. Could you enlighten me please?


Okay sorry what the basis behind deloading:

1) Usually lasts for a week or so
2) You lower your intensity and or volume your do in the gym

Deload Week:
Inclinde DB BP 4x8-10
Trap bar deadlifts 4x10-12
Pullups 3x8

Cardio- can be kept the same it feel good
Abs- can be kept the same if feel good

Squat 3x12
*sitting calf raises 3x6-10
standing calf raises 3x15-20

Cardio- can be kept the same it feel good
Abs- can be kept the same if feel good

Standing BB military press 4x10
Shrugs 4x8
Face-pulls 3-4x10
BB bicep curl 3x12

*Just for self interest

From Best of Calves article. I like to learn new things and thought you might like to as well.

You don't want to take a week of and not go to the gym at all. You'll fall out of the "groove" of things. This way you'll still be burning calories however your not taxing your muscles as much as saying going 100% everyday. In turn going 100% (you already know this I'm sure) it really wears you down both mentally and physically. However, I noticed you said you broke that psychological plateau which is great!

Not a lot of people realize your central nervous system (CNS) needs to take a break as well due to all the muscle contractions it does for muscles. The CNS as well takes longer to recover when compared to muscle. When you feel sluggish in the gym and weak it is often your CNS and some what of your muscles.

If you have anymore questions PM me but hope I helped you. My example is JUST my example of what you can do. You need to see fit what can/needs to be changed.


^^^Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I understand exactly what you mean about wearing down your CNS. I felt borderline over-trained when trying to push at the same intensity as last week. Thank you for making me feel better about the program too. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you're slacking off, or not pushing yourself 100% when in reality you just need some guidance.

Thanks for the calf tidbit as well, I'll make adjustments.


That was real advice if you read between the lines.

Your asking about hypertrophy but want to lose the last few pounds of bodyfat? Kind of opposite goals. Easily done if you have alot of bodyfat, once you get low it's much simpler to focus on one then the other, you also can't determine too much from one week, specially when cutting. When your cutting calories your body reacts all kinds of ways, it might be weak this week and strong next.

If you want to lose the last few pounds concentrate on that for the next few weeks then move back to gaining muscle. This doesn't mean stop lifting what this means is lift hard but don't worry about what happens too much. If you don't do this you can get caught in a trap of extending your cut over the next 6 months to a year, then giving up when that doesnt work and trying to bulk but bulking for too short of a time because you got bigger and fatter then trying to cut again and slowly accomplishing nothing.


Not a problem at all. Glad I helped you out!