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Workout Update

Well, ive done about a month of training and i thank all you for your help in that other post. Throughout the month of training, ive gotten injured twice, once my ankle and the other my knee/quad area. I had to pause my workouts because of that. I am feeling stronger though as time is going on. My nutrition hasnt been all that great lately but i’m going to work on that. Ive been going real heavy with bench press(7x3 heavy), dumbell bench (6x4 heavy), seated military press (5x5 heavy) and etc.

My lower body workouts have gone well also as I do feel my core is getting stronger. My ab work has been based on the 21st century ab training article on this site. ive started stretching isometrically at night time before sleep. Sprinting has gone well, I have missed a couple days though due to rain. Ive finished phase one of my lower body training (kelly baggestt novice strength training program in his vertical bible). Based on what ive said, what do u think so far, should i vary anyting as time goes on, like change some stuff around. any suggestions please?