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Workout tunes...

You should have joined a REAL gym in Richmond. Try Wolfgang’s at the corner of Courthouse and Hull St…
They have a powerlifting team, some seriously huge bodybulders (one placed 2nd or 3rd in the Natl’s) and the music is always good!
Hell, you can even watch me do 365# barbell rows with REALLY bad form! Hahaha!

Billy Ray Cyrus–Achy Breaky Heart
Shania Twain–Man I feel like a woman

That Titanic theme song.

Butterfly Kisses.

I listen to long techno/trance DJ sets when lifting. They are high energy, and continuous - no song breaks for about 90mins, which really fosters extreme concentration and going into “the zone.”

That awesome supsaiyan

Walleye… thats not funny at all.

I listen to punk, all kinds, the sellout bands, the underground stuff, the bands trying to sell out but they have too much style.

Riddlin’ Kids, MxPx, Ataris, Vandals, Audio Karate, Useless I.D. Pretty much anybody you might find at a warped tour. the list could keep going and going.

OH YEAH, and if you like pop-punk, and I think the answer will be a resounding ‘SHUT UP DAVE’ but still, if you do, check out ’ The Pettit Project’ very funny.


Hatebreed, Pantera, Disturbed, Godsmack, Metallica, Slayer, Coal Chamber.

System of a down

Its all metal or hard rock

It was posted before but Rollins band is a great choice. Not only is the music great for working out, Rollins is quite the lifter. He once wrote in a book that he enjoys it when his shins bleed from doing alot of deadlifting.
Oh, and some other good choices are Bad Religion, Iced Earth, Black Label Society and Superjoint Ritual.

I left off one of the greatest bands of all time - Theory of a Deadman

I usually go with some DMX, Eminem, Redman, or something similar with faster beats and angry, violent lyrics.
The two best workout songs i’ve found are by Redman and Method Man, “Time for sum action” and “Bring the pain”.