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Workout tunes...

Just curious what kind of tunes you listen to when you workout. I know I like hard rock when I lift, but go for faster beat “top 40” stuff when I do cardiovascular training. My favorite cardio song is Ludacris’ “What’s Your Fantasy”.

Slayer… Angel of Death… your bench will go up at least 10 pounds!

When I do cardio I listen to trance, like Christopher Lawrence, or Paul Oakenfold, sometimes I even listen to Happy Hardcore (its that 140 BPM shit) but not very often.

When I’m lifting, as of late anyway, it’s been Damageplan, RATM, Damageplan, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Damageplan, Audioslave. Ludacris, Jay-Z

Speaking of workout tunes, I walk into the local FitClub the other day to get a summer membership (home from school for the summer)… They’ve got a really nice, HUGE freeweight area. The only problem is the walls were painted light purple and some Beatles music was blasted on the overhead speakers. Needless to say I turned and walked out without saying a word.

Anyway, just getting that off my chest. Here’s a list of favorites…

Powerman 5000


Capt. Toneal!(sp?)

Iron Maiden, Motorhead, AC/DC. Showing my age a little here.

Audioslave, Disturbed, Nickleback

I like Fred Slacks by Will Ferrel…that song is bitchin’.

Life of Agony “River Runs Red”

Got some damn good anger and emotion in it to get you lifting!

Hey Knockers, Fred’s Slacks is hit!


Did you mean “The Captain & Tenille”?

“Muskrat Love” gets you pumped, too, eh?

How the fuck can you like Slipknot and Jay-Z? That’s like belonging to the Klan and the Nation of Islam simultaneously.

mobb deep, people under the stairs, talib kweli, last emperor, rollins band, mos def, rage, alice in chains,
there’s al kinds of shit that gets me hype

I like slipknot and jay-z.

Is it too much to ask to joining a GYM and not have to listen to mariah carey.

I joined the Richmond Golds Gym (not the downtown one) and have to suffer through pop love crap on the radio because some old person said that the music was too loud.
Golds gym should never be a ‘fitness facility’, if you want that go joing a social club gym like the YMCA, that has feel good classes for pre-teens.

Is it too much to ask to hear gangster rap, or Headbanging music, or even no words dance music.

When you symbol is a Huge guy holding a barbell, you can bet the muse for the symbol didn’t listen to crap pop music.

Currently on my MP3: Hatebreed, Ill Nino, Rob Zombie, Snoop, and HHH’s new and old entrance music as well as Benoit’s current. Good Stuff.

Doesn’t much matter as long as it’s hard and loud. My favorite workout song, however, is probably “Unsung” by Helmut.

ABBA - Dancing Queen

Rock On!

Pantera, Six Feet Under, DMX, Linkin Park, Ludacris

Pop the headphones on and go into my zone.

Not to change the subject, but like others have mentioned, my gym plays the local pop Britney Spears station and I hate it. I’m considering getting an MP3 player, probably an iPod. I think I’d also like to get one of the armbands they sell for them. I’m concerned if it’ll get in the way. Anyone have experience with the iPod or miniPod with an armband while working out?

Back to the topic: I’m not sure what I like, all I know is that Britney, Christina and Beyonce ain’t doing it for me… at least not at the gym.