Workout/Training Plan (Need Advice)

Hey Fellas,
Currently on a 3-day split performed twice/week (one day off). It goes as follows: Legs, Chest/Back, Arms/Shoulders, Legs, Chest/Back, Arms/Shoulders, Day off, Repeat.
I’m in a lean bulking phase and trying to optimize my training plan to get the most strength gain possible. Let me know what you guys think. Is there anything I should add or change?

Leg Day

  • 4x10 Squat
  • 4x10 Weighted Box Jumps
  • 3x10-12 Glute Extension Machine
  • 3x10-12 Leg Press
  • 3x10-12 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine
  • 3x10-12 Leg Extension
  • 3x10-12 Seated Hamstring Curl
  • 3x10-12 Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curl
  • 2x15-20 Squat
  • 2x10 Hex Bar Deadlift


  • 4x8-10 Bench Press

Supersets of two:

  • 4x10 DB Incline Press

  • 4x10 Wide Grip Pullups

  • 3x8 Bent over Rows

  • 3x15 Lying Chest Fly’s

  • 4x15-20 Cable Upwards Chest Fly’s

  • 4x12 Seated Back Row

Supersets of two:

  • 4x20 Lateral Shoulder Raise

  • 4x8-12 Overhead Press

  • 3x15 Rear Delt Fly’s

  • 3x12 Incline Bicep Curl’s

  • 3x10 Preacher Curl’s

  • 3x10 DB Overhead Tricep Extension

  • 3x20 Cable Tricep Pushdowns

  • 3x15 Barbell Lying Tricep Extension

  • 3x10 Machine Bicep Curl

  • 3x10 Machine Tricep Extensions

  • Core (Every Other Day)

  • 3x10 Hanging Weighted Leg Raises

  • 3x10-12 Cable Crunches

  • 3x1 minute Plank

How long have you been following it, and what have your results been from it?

Look up the kingbeef thread, -similar but better

Been following it for over a month now and saw noticeable gains - follow (theleangentleman) on Instagram to see. First picture is before this program, last pictures are a month after. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I could improve this program? Does it look good as is?


Not going to sugar coat it since its not my way.

1st The exercise selection is redundant with allot of emphases on quantity and not quality .

Not really seeing a huge strength component on this approach

How about posting it on here instead ?

Agree with @bulldog9899 on this one.
In your current block, how long have you been consistently training for?

It looks like a hell of a lot of quantity when you would get the same results from doing less amounts of exercises, and focusing on quality movements, in rep and set ranges that focus more on your goals, which is strength?

Yeah nah just post the pictures up on here mate, doesnt need to be cross promotional platforms.
Is this the only program youve ever been exposed too?

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Been training for the past three years as a supplement to being a long distance runner (before going to college).
I’m now a recruited D1 Track Athlete and just recently started lifting consistently/seriously 6 days/week for the past two months or so. I gained 8-10 lbs of lean muscle, my running has slowed down a lot.
However, I’ve found a passion for lifting and truly enjoy it. I’m willing to keep lifting even if it gets me cut from the team. My goal is (strength and size), I’m looking for a (David Laid “Like” aesthetic physique).
Heres Some Progress Pics:
(first four are before lifting consistently, last four are about a year in.)

Hold it… are you under scholarship?


It really comes down to what your short term goals are, and pending your reply to bulldog, what limitations are with what you want, to what you need to do.

Whilst not mutually exclusive, youll be hard pressed to have copious amounts of muscle if youre wanting to stay long distance running. What it will do is help with explosiveness, which im sure you already know.
The reason i asked how long you had been doing your routine was more about how committed you had been to what you had described, as opposed to actually critiquing the program.
In all honesty, if you enjoy doing it and you dont feel the need to change, dont.
In my “not so expert but been doing it for long enough to go through a few different programs to know what works for me” opinion if its overkill, I think it is.
You can clearly see that your body is adapting well but eventually youll plateau and youll need to make adjustments or swap programs.
As long as your diet is in check and youre adjusting to whether you want to bulk, maintain etc, your program has progressive overloading, and you keep constant intensity in your workouts, you will grow
My go to program for strength gains will always be Jim wendlers 531, however there are 100’s of different programs tailored for your different needs
Check out 531, westside for skinny bastards is another one.

even if not on scholarship this is really sad. Realistically, this is the last and only chance you will get to compete in sport at such a high level.
College goes very fast . With a high athletic base you can always swole up later in 20s.


100% agree. Lifting weights is the outlet for the rest of us whose athletic careers are in the rear view. Take your chance at sports while you can - that will actually end. When it does, getting huge will still be there for you.


I follow a similar plan and I have found it very effective. My only difference in that instead I separate my back and chest. I feel that a “shoulder” day is overdoing a muscle that gets used so much in chest and back movements. Therefore, I supplement my back and chest workouts with shoulder movements. This usually comes in the form of a superset of side raises (medial and rear Delt) and a pulling motion on pull days and a vertical or semi-vertical press (anterior Delt) on push days. Also, to provide the optimal rest for my upper body, I split my upper body training with legs. My split is something like this:
Day 1: Push-Chest, Anterior Delts, Arms, shoulder reset
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Pull-Back, Medial/rear Delts, Arms
Day 4: Rest
My arms are a lacking body part so I train them on every Upper body day. Also, I have two different “cycles” of individual exercises that I switch so I repeat a workout every 8 days, not 4. This allows for variety while staying consistent.

What is the purpose of doing four sets of ten on weighted box jumps? That looks like a pointless exercise you just threw in there for the hell of it. Doing them weighted does nothing to improve your jumping, and while jumps are good to use before squatting, doing four sets of ten seems really pointless, especially after squatting.

The more I look at this thread I find it harder not to comment and not coming across as a judgmental ass. Towards the OP ( who the hell am I kidding) Yeah sad doesn’t come close describes how I view it. Still trying to grasp why a kid whom has enough raw athletic ability to be a D1 athlete would be so worried about immolate the appearance of someone whom is probably below him in athletic ability.

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You know what you WON’T enjoy? Paying off loans when you graduate.

Ask me how I know.


Yeah, you have an athletic scholarship? Why not use one of the hundreds of programs out there for athletes? You’ll get bigger and stronger while preserving your speed. Lifting is great, but this has regret down the road written all over it.


Hey guys,
I appreciate the advice, but to clarify (I’m not under scholarship) and over the past year, I’ve been injured and sick a lot, (in short - running competitively hasn’t been treating me well). Don’t get me wrong, I love logging miles and training, but I simply lost the passion for competing at such a high level. Exhausting my body from fast, hard workouts everyday on top of the stress from school is just not as fun to me anymore.
What I do find fun, is doing something that I enjoy and can see progress day to day, week to week. I don’t see why you guys have to critique me for my decisions and feel like I shouldn’t even be discussing this…

Now back to the workout plan, does anyone have specific changes they suggest or would it be best to stick with what I have until I eventually plateau?

First of all, if you want to be coddled, this ain’t the place. If you want honest (though sometimes harsh) advice from people that have 15+ years of life experience on you, that have made the mistakes you’ve made (or are about to make), and have already learned the hard lessons, then open your mind and listen.

That said, if you’re not under scholarship then you have no obligation to continue running track. Saying

made it seem like you were under scholarship. Quitting under those circumstances would be pretty stupid. Older guys here get pissed when young guys make obviously stupid choices.

Just FYI, that dude is using AAS for sure. I think you have great potential though. Naturally lean and good shoulder/waist ratio.

In terms of program, there’s a lot of unnecessary bullshit in your leg day. I’d cut the following: inner/outer thigh machine, box jumps, single leg hamstring curl, high rep squats at the end.

I’d also move deads right after squats, and alternate b/w heavy (in terms of effort) squats and heavy deads each workout. So first day you’d squat heavy then do light deads. Next leg day you’d squat light and deadlift heavy. Trying to do both heavy twice a week is going to grind you into dust.

Chest/Back day: you probably don’t need two different fly movements.

Delts/arms: I would put press first. You don’t need to pre-exhaust yet with the laterals. I doubt you need the machine extensions or curls at the end. Hammer curls or reverse curls might be a nice addition though.

I also don’t see any direct upper back/trap work. You might want to add some face pulls to chest/back day.

There’s a lot of other stuff you could do in terms of periodizing your loads and volume, but that’s probably not necessary yet.

What are you eating?


This is especially true given that OP was the one who put the info regarding his collegiate-athlete status in the post. Protip, OP: If you don’t want to hear criticisms regarding your life-choices, then don’t talk about those choices in your post.

Because most of us made similarly stupid choices when we were young.


This is true, but he didn’t mention being a scholarship athlete, just that he was “recruited.” That changes things quite a bit IMO.