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Workout Tracker! FEEDBACK Please


Sup guys,

Just wanted to get some feedback from you business/web savvy guys and pretty much anyone who's interested really.

The company is called Interfit. A lot of people describe it as a "Facebook for working out". The project officially began in January and we've made some decent progress. We are excited to open up the workout tracker (desktop and mobile) for users to play with since it'll be a key component for the social side of the site.

We're actually just a bunch of regular guys who enjoy working out and trying to improve our fitness level and physiques. Like a lot of you, we get our info from friend recommendations, internet searches, forums like T-Nation, etc... that's what got us started on creating a social platform to exchange this info. We've been designing this based off of our own experiences but want to get more feedback/input from you guys to make it better.

Please have a quick look and give me some feedback. We also have Facebook/Twitter/Blog links off of the main page too if you're interested.
Site: www.theinterfit.com


Well I signed up via facebook, but truth be told I had a hard time doing any thing on there.
There where no browse type button for uploading pics as far as I could see and it was all a bit confusing to be honest, but maybe you arent done with the site and btw I am not very good at computers, so it could be
a reason for my confusion.

Anyhow I hope the site turns out great, so good luck with that.


Yeah the site is far from 'done' but the workout tracker is in place for you to start logging, tracking, and saving your routines. Pictures, products, and the social component are all coming soon!