Workout to Strengthen My Bench Press

Im just about tired of all the bench press routine smolov jr / west side / mm2k

all of them brought me up to a PR which disappeared so to me I’m still stuck at 245lb bench.
So I figured I was trying too hard and needed a fancy routine to fulfill my ego into thinking I was going to be stronger if I do the program. So i took a more logical approach and conjured up my own 5x5 based program and I wanted to hear you guys input. I’ve been strength training for a year now.


5x5 @ 185lbs close grip bench
5x5 - Dips
rotator cuf work


5x5 @ 185 - flat bench regular grip
rotator cuf work


Same thing as Wednesday

The following monday I add 5lbs to the weight progressively for 4-6 weeks. Input would be cool


What other exercises will you be doing?

How much have your other lifts gone up?
How’s your diet? What’s your body weight?
How much can you row? Your bench will be limited by back-strength as well.
How’s your form?

I don’t see that any of the routines you mentioned wouldn’t bring up your bench numbers.
I’m also a little confused by what you mean when you say “brought me up to a PR which disapeared”? You mean, you hit a PR but then couldn’t do it again?
Also, the fact that you’ve tried all three of those routines, and decided they weren’t working-but you’ve only been working out for a year, is a little worrying to me.

Chances are, that you’re trying to do, and expecting, too much.

Well i will be squating along with things like snatches and clean and jerks. As for rows i don’t do them much but i used to pull the entire weight stack so im pretty okay with pulls. my bodyweight is 200lbs. yea and thats what i meant about a pr dissappearing.

Here’s what I think-
You problem lies here- “things like snatches and clean and jerks. As for rows I don’t do them much… I’m pretty ok with pulls”

Get back onto a solid program written by a professional, one that actually works all your muscle groups, and works them proportionally. I really doubt that upping the frequency of benching/variations and “doing stuff like” is what is going to do it for you.

Again- What is your squat at? What about your deadlift? OHP, Clean, anything?
Again- how much have these lifts gone up? Is it just your bench that has stalled?
When did you set your PR of 245lbs? A month ago? Two months? 6 months?
How long did you try and stay on the programs you listed? Did you try deloading and working back up to your PR? Or did you just keep trying to hit it and when you couldn’t, switched programs?
Have you been gaining weight, losing weight? Are you gettin enough sleep? How much protein are you eating?

What are your DL and squat maxes? What’s your daily caloric intake?

might find this useful

squat : 150kg
Deadlift: 405lbs
Power CLean: 120kg
Power Snatch: 85kg

I got my 245lb PR last year around this time I was going 225 for one rep. Then I started working out at 60% 1rm max doing speed reps. My bench ran up 20lbs in a little below a month.Soon the speed bench stopped working, but the 245PR was there just about everyday, its my everyday max. The squat went up from 120-150 on smolov base cycle and I gained 6-8lbs. The Deadlift and everything but bench followed. As for sleep I get 7/8 hrs and I feel refreshed on most of my days. I eat over 3000-4000 calories a day. I’m 200lbs @ 18yrs.

errr - I do the olympic lifts. Those are full body movements…

Your lifts are proportional, it sounds like you’ve just plateaued. This is an important phase of your development, because now you have to start training intelligently to make progress. You’re going to have to start doing some reading, and start experimenting with techniques to find what works for you.

Good luck.

lol, yea I’m trying to do that. Hard to believe I platued so quickly though. So what do you think of that routine, I think my weakness on the bench is due to poor tricep strength… do you think that routine tackles it ?

Have you thought of doing something like 5/3/1? Also don’t expect any program to increase your bench by that much anymore. +5 lbs a month may seem too low but that’s 50lbs in a year including 2 months with no increase.

I honestly don’t know about 5\3\1

Sounds like you have ran out of newbie gains and are faced with the reality of lifting, it’s hard and gains are slow. This is the point where so many quit, blame genetics or program hop looking for that magic program that’ll get you to the next level, sorry man doesn’t exhist.
Put more weight on the bar, if your 1RM is 245lbs you should be doing at least 200lbs 5x5, 185 ain’t gonna cut it. Good luck.

Yea I’ll try going heavier on that 5x5, I think I might do 185 on the triceps along with dips. Then on my chest oriented days I’ll do 5x5@200 + 5 every week.