Workout to Help With Shot Put

I am 17 and just began to throw shot for my school this semester. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on what I should be doing in the gym?

This semester I also started to take conditioning/weightlifting. Our workouts vary from day to day but we start out with some warm up running and then we basically do these lifts in different combinations each day of the week:

Back squat
Hang clean
Push jerk
(seems like I’m missing one…)

Then after school I have practice in which we run distance(mile) 2 days of the week and run sprints(100m) the other three, then we throw for a good hour. I usually get about 50-80 throws in before we are done.

Is there anything I am missing as far as my training should go?

i remeber watching a series of videos on the ross training forums of an olympic shot putter training, it was pretty cool. you might have to go back a few pages in it. it could have been in the general discussion board. well worth a look

Look for hel320. He is a thrower and loves it. He hangs out in “The Over 35 Lifter” forum.

You might want to look for articles by Dan John. He writes for this site and has a ton of stuff on his web site including an e-book on lifting and one on throwing.


Looks like you’ve got all the right lifts. Be carefull on sacrificing speed for strenght, especially in the oly lifts. Shrugs really don’t add much to the throws but they’re good for balancing you out and help with the dl. Some questions. Are you a glider or a spinner? Are you throwing discus and/or javelin, too. 50-80 throws is a lot. How many are full form, power postion, etc? Any overhead throwing?

Now the following is something you’re going to have to work out with your coach. Instead of 100m sprints see if you can do shorter, explosive sprints, i.e. 20,30m. Also get some jump work in like hopping over hurdles, standing long jump, any thing that works the explosive reaction of the legs. The mile, well that’s between you and your coach. Good for cardio. Great to see some more throwers on here. I’ll keep checking here. Throw far!

Thanks guys.
I’m a glider.
At the moment all I’m throwing is shot, but as soon as soccer is done I’m gonna try for disc too.
We start out with about 5 or 6 that we throw backwards(overhead I guess?)then we do fronts for a while and finish it off with the glides. My couch has us focusing on perfecting the front before we really stress the glide.

I had my first indoor meet today, sadly neither I nor the other thrower were even able to get measured, but there is always next time.

Your coach actually sounds like he knows what he’s doing in the throwing department. Once you learn a good power position you can get the speed and drive from your glide. Traditional wisdom is for gliders the legs are all important. It’s the hip/leg drive you’re looking for. Here’s a good forum that a lot of High School throwers chat on:

This one has videos of all the greats past and present. You have to register but it’s free.

Keep at it and one day it will all come together.

wouldn’t incline/flat db presses be really good for a shot putter?

Thanks, I’m gonna check those out.
I think the head coach said that the throwing coach was a national track and field coach or something like that.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
wouldn’t incline/flat db presses be really good for a shot putter?[/quote]

Really depends on how well you can hit the “C” position. The greater your arch the less the upper pecs come into play. But, yes, at lot of throwers do inclines. DB bench also help but I wouldn’t sacrifice doing one of the big barbell lifts for them.

I have decided that on the weekends I am going to hit up those db incline\bench presses. Should I be aiming for more weight or explosivity(word?)?

I think I need something to work on my lower calves(soleus?) as this is was seems to give out on me in long practices.

One more thing, Should I also do decline DB presses?

Since you are in the middle of your season I would definitely go for explosion. You don’t want to be doing anything slow right now. Careful you don’t overdo it lifting and have nothing left for throwing. Calves? That may be from the running. I never heard of that problem from throwing. Are you stretching them out?

We stretch before and after practice.
I guess I worded that wrong: the next day, my calves are always killing me.

At the moment, I am in a three day gap between practices for mardigras. we start practice again on Wednesday.

So, I want to hit the weights hard over this break and then begin to throw when we come back.

I’m going to retract the original db press recomendation, and instead say use chains with a barbell, and look up basic westside template.

Not that I know much about shot put or anything.

I always see them, but have no idea how they are used…

Chains & Bands are great for explosiveness and strength increases, also i was curios about your rotator cuff? I imagine in Shot Putt a lot of power and strength would come from your rotator? Would you not allocate a day of sole rotator training? My personal trainer did this when I first started weight lifting and my bench went from an impressive 100lb’s (",) to 170…

my friend at school does a similar work out for throwing but also adds in:

db flys and chin ups.

My next meet is on Wednesday…
I’m pumped, but unless I can get another 4-6 feet out of my throw then I wont get measured again. Luckily this is the last indoor meet, unless I make state, so I wont have to throw that grapefruit thing anymore…

Boys Shot Put

FH Composite: C 68-06.50 1984 Arnold Campbell, Airline HS (LA)
MEET: M 56-00 2005 Adam WIlcox, Catholic High (BR)
Name Year School Finals

1 Cody Muse Catholic, Baton 53-08.50 16.37m
47-06 49-06 50-11 FOUL 53-08.50 FOUL
2 Tyler Guidry South Lafourche 51-06.00 15.69m
49-08.25 49-01.50 49-06.25 49-10.75 51-06 50-09.25
3 Adam Bertrand Catholic, Baton 51-04.50 15.65m
42-08.75 48-02.50 48-04.50 51-04.50 49-11.25 51-02.25
4 Kevin Saia Dutchtown 51-03.75 15.64m
46-03.50 48-01 48-06.25 51-03.75 49-11.25 49-02.75
5 Myles Melancon Teurlings Cathol 51-03.25 15.62m
48-02.50 46-05.75 46-09.50 46-06.25 50-08 51-03.25
6 Chase Clement White, E.D. 50-10.50 15.50m
50-06 48-03 49-06 50-10.50 FOUL FOUL
7 Jamal Thomas Port Barrre 50-08.75 15.46m
50-01.75 49-08.75 50-00 49-11.75 50-08.75 49-11
8 Donaldtello Gibson Port Allen 50-00.25 15.24m
49-11 49-02.50 48-02.25 50-00.25 49-03.25 49-06
9 Brandon Goudy Franklin 49-07.00 15.11m
48-05.50 49-00.75 FOUL 49-07 FOUL 48-08.50
10 Lance Thomas Scotlandville 48-06.00 14.78m
FOUL 46-06.75 48-06 47-04.50 47-11.75 FOUL
11 Justin Bilbo LaGrange 48-02.00 14.68m
46-02.75 48-02 47-02.25
12 Patrick Lewis East St. John 47-10.00 14.57m
44-05.50 47-10 47-05.25
13 Ryan Mitchell Northside 47-01.00 14.35m
44-10.25 47-01 47-01
14 Marshall Tasker, Jr. Dutchtown 46-11.50 14.31m
46-03.25 46-11.50 45-06.75
15 Trey DiCristina St. Thomas Aquin 45-09.50 13.95m
45-01 45-09.50 FOUL
16 Casey Narcisse St. James 45-09.00 13.94m
42-04 43-00.50 45-09
17 Joseph Roberts Northside 44-08.50 13.62m
FOUL 44-08.50 FOUL
18 Brandon Bolden Scotlandville 43-05.50 13.24m
42-11.50 39-10.50 43-05.50
19 Tyler Harbourt Teurlings Cathol 43-01.00 13.13m
40-00.75 38-04.50 43-01
20 Rob Culberson Slidell 42-03.00 12.87m
40-04.50 42-03 ND
21 Cale LeMaire North Vermillion 41-10.75 12.76m
41-10.75 40-05 40-01
22 Hunter Robin St. Paul’s 41-07.00 12.67m
40-06 41-06.50 41-07
23 Jeremiah Leonard West Feliciana 40-03.50 12.28m
40-03.50 38-06.50 ND
24 Nathan Vernon Joseph S Clark 40-02.50 12.25m
38-09 38-07.50 40-02.50
25 Bret Diaz Chalmette 40-01.50 12.23m
37-05.75 37-08 40-01.50
26 Austin Guntz University Lab 40-00.75 12.21m
37-11 37-00 40-00.75
27 brett jackson Ehret, John 39-06.50 12.05m
39-06.50 38-09.25 38-10.75
28 Hogan Hunter Ouachita Christi 39-05.50 12.02m
37-08.50 38-10.75 39-05.50
29 James Bickham Sumner, Jewel 38-11.00 11.86m
38-11 38-05 38-01.25
30 George Tambe Franklin, Ben 38-06.75 11.75m
ND 37-03.25 38-06.75
31 Nathan Romig Dunham 38-06.50 11.74m
38-06.50 37-07 36-04.25
32 Corey May Glen Oaks 38-05.25 11.71m
ND 37-05.25 38-05.25
33 Jarred Henry Port Barrre 38-02.00 11.63m
38-02 ND ND
34 Carl Capers St. Augustine 37-11.00 11.55m
ND 36-11 37-11
35 Andrew Pfeiffer Newman, Isadore 37-06.50 11.44m
ND 36-03 37-06.50
36 Nic Bordelon Alexandria 37-04.50 11.39m
37-04.50 ND ND
37 Colby Parra South Lafourche 37-04.00 11.37m
36-09 37-04 ND
38 Shane Byrne Dunham 37-02.25 11.33m
ND 37-02.25 ND
39 Taylor Downhour Ouachita Christi 36-02.50 11.03m
ND ND 36-02.50
40 Brandon Black St. Thomas Aquin 36-00.00 10.97m
FOUL 36-00 ND
– Julius McCray Baton Rouge Magn ND
– Lawrence LeBlanc North Vermillion ND
– Walter Scott(me) Mandeville ND
– Grant Yenni Mandeville ND

Theres the results from the last one, there were twelve more that didn’t get measured as well.