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Workout to Compliment Pull Ups?

Hi, wonder if anyone could help with a quick opinion …

I’m a 46 year old guy, 5’6" and 82 kg, training for general good health / maintenance - not really interested in Inc Strength or ‘Gainz’… I just love training …

I have a decent Gym at home, but spend a lot of time traveling, as such I usually take a pull up bar, plus a dip belt & rings on the road with me.

Typical ‘on the road’ workout -

5 sets x 5 weighted Pull up (+8.75kg)
5 sets x 5 weighted Chin up (+8.75kg)
5 sets x 5 weighted Behind the neck pull ups (+8.75kg)

Your goals are pretty unspecific, I assume you’re looking for long term health and longevity? Dan John typically recommends hitting all of the 5 basic movements:

  • push
  • pull
  • hinge
  • Squat
  • carry

I think you’ve got pull more than covered.