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Workout to Bring Up Chest & Back

My arms have grown much more than my torso. Is there a good torso work out that I can try to get my chest and back more even with my arms?


dumbbell flat bench, and incline dumbbell.


I don't have a spotter to hand me the weights so I can't get into position with more than 30 pound dumbells. I only use around 95 pounds for bench pressing so the dumbells might be good enough for a little while.

Any suggestions for back?


t-bar rows, chinups, bent-over rows, deadlifts


If you aren't strong enough to kick up more than 30 lb dumbbells without a spot let's reasess how much of a concentrated workout you need on certain bodyparts ok?

With a 95 lb bench press you are fairly weak, don't take this as in insult because everyone starts somewhere. Work on getting your bench press and maybe incline dumbbell press numbers up higher(much higher) and I think your chest will grow fine.

Something simple like 3 sets of 6-8 for each working up to your heaviest set possible. Each week try to add another 2.5 or more to the bar. If you get 6 reps stay with that weight next time, if you get 7 or 8 try to add a few lbs. Same procedure with a dead lift and barbell row for back.


My max bench press is 120 pounds. I'm 130 pounds and have been lifting weights for about 3 months now. I do lots of rows and bench pressing but my rows and bench presses have been stuck at the same weight for about a month and a half now. My arms are still getting stronger though.


Use some reasoning and logic in your training approach(if you learn this early you'll be light years ahead of the game). If something wasn't working for six weeks then I'd figure out what's wrong and make the necessary adjustments. In my book at this stage of the game if you aren't gaining strength nearly every week it's food holding you back or way overtraining, or both.


One thing I want to add and this goes for anyone just starting out training. If I could have done one single thing from the day i started it would have been to find a thick powerlifter or heavy training bodybuilder and picked his brain and tried to get him to let me train with him. People before you have done this and there's no sense not taking advantage of this fact.


I know the solution, you need to eat more.


double up on bacon cheeseburgers


I think you are mistaken here. McDonalds double cheeseburgers are the most bang for your buck in my opinion and you can stack them to make quad burgers.


When you are doing your rows try to pull through the elbows, instead of the hands. Feel and try to visualize your lats activating. Basically, try to row the bar to your stomach and they're should not be a lot of elbow bend. When you get to the contracted position squeeze hard for 1-2 seconds.

Switch to pull-ups (overhand-grip; pronated-grip), instead of chin-ups (underhand; supinated-grip). Pull-ups will take the biceps out of the movement and make it more forearm, back focused. When doing pull-ups tuck in your elbows during the movement. You should feel your lats activating more this way too. Also, when you're in the bottom position of the pull-up hang until your shoulders feel like they're going to dislocate then pull back up.

As for your chest. Keep upping the weights, bro. Ask for more advice on chest training later. Everyone on here will tell you, that your chest is not growing, because you've only been training for 3 months. When you get to 50's your chest will be bigger.

You said your weights have been stuck. I want to see your current program then maybe I can help you.



I have Crohn's disease so that wouldn't work too well.


And your "this is a joke on a internet forum" detector seems to be misfiring ha. Now get to work my man.


Bench wider to emphasize the pectorals. use the wide bar for cable rows for a while. Change movements or rep ranges every so often. If you've been doing flat bench, try decline or incline bench. Sometimes eating more can get you through a plateau...

You might consider dropping any processed carbohydrates from your diet (if you haven't already) and supplement with glutamine, an amino that helps with both the immune system and intestinal health. Try and get your energy from good fats and whole fruit/vegetable carbohydrates. Get some good quality fish oil into your diet as well.