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Workout Tips/Supplements for a Beginner

Hello !

First, i’m not used to talk in english, so i’ll try to do my very best to be understand =) !!

Let begin, i’d like to know the best workout tips for beginner. In the past few years, i was 260 pounds and now i’m 155 pounds. (lost about 100 pounds in 2-3 years).

All i did was runnin to get tinner in my neightborhood. But now, i’d like to get some muscles and lost some fat too to get cut.

I was thinking of buying HOT-ROX + Alpha Male to workout my body but i’m not used to those kind of product. I’d like to get some advice and what kind of supplement i should really take to build up some muscle and to lose some fat to get cut.

Thanks you and sorry for my poor english, my native language is french.


You do not need supplements right now. You need follow a good diet and lift some weights. Supplements are something you can add in once you have a solid foundation. Right now it sounds like you lost a bunch of weight (good job by the way), and realized that you now just look skinny, since you don’t have a lot of muscle.

The best thing you can do right in is focus on getting stronger at the big compound lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift). You should read the beginner’s sticks in this forum, and also the Starting Strength Guide thread.

Also, track down John Berardi’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective Diets on the main site, and follow the guidelines it gives to get your diet in line.

Thank you for theses advices

Keep it simple…but NOT easy.

Understand? simple, common, compound exercises used often and lift with intensity.

the suggestions made are great. Apply them.

I don’t see why you need HOT-ROX at 155 ~

ninjaboy has it right. Great job losing the 100 lbs, that was a long journey. However, right now you need to practice the fundamentals.

Fundamentals are built on effort and consistency, just like what you had to do to lose weight.

Key Concepts:

  1. lift weights 3-4 days a week.

  2. when you lift use mostly compound movements that use a lot of energy, not small isolation movements.

  3. when you lift, don’t use any more than 5-6 exercises in one day. Focus on working hard on a few things, not going “through the motions” on a bunch of different things.

  4. eat healthy, like you did to lose fat, but more of all those foods.

  5. eat frequently, every 2-3 hours.

Ninjaboy’s two articles will really help you out.