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Workout thoughts

OK, so I am currently in Phase 2 of Ian King’s 12 weeks to super strength - Upper Body. I find the workouts to be incredible and a great change from what I am used to. I am using the program, but I am really trying to lose some BF. Currently, I am 5’9, 170 with around 13% bf. I have encorporated a running program in the mornings of simple jogging, watching my heart rate. Do you guys think that I am going about this correctly?? I have a pretty good diet, taking in a lot of protein and watching what I eat (especially carbs). Just wanted to get some thoughts and advice.

Instead of jogging give HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) a shot. Its better on your muscles and it can be done in 1/2 the time youre taking now.

HIIT is sets of timed running, jumping rope, swimming etc. You do HIIT by doing the exercise at a moderate pace for a period of time then you go all out for another period (usually a shorter period until you work your way up. So lets use running as an example. You run for 60 seconds then all out sprint for 30 seconds. Thats one set. Do as many sets as you can do. At first it wont be much unless you’re in decent shape. DONT slack on the all out portion of the HIIT. Go all out!

Are there any good HIIT articles (I did a search, but only found one).

search T-mag for any of the following:
Running Man (CT)
Renegade Rope Training (Coach Davies)
High Octane Cardio (Mike Mahler)
Cardio Roundtable
They all offer variations on the HIIT theme. Although Mahler’s might not be precisely HIIT, it has the same effect.
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So is HIIT better then straight jogging for burning some bf?

I try to combine the two for maximum effect.

I don’t know how long or far you are running but I never exceed 1.5 miles for my steady state cardio.

I generally keep all steady state cardio under 20 mins. to avoid cortisol build up and to prevent my body from going into a catabolic state.

As far as sprint work, I do it on a track when possible but I also do it in the gym. I alternate running at a 10 mph pace for 60 seconds with 120 seconds of walking at 3.5 mph pace.

I do this for at least 6 sets, again keeping my total cardio session under 20 minutes.

I try to keep my cardio sessions a separate component from my weight lifting sessions. On separate days if possible.

Why, what happens if I go for a half hour, or 4-5 miles…Am I cutting into the muscle or am I burning fat?

HIIT helps work your energy system (lungs and heart) and also helps with fat reduction. Its efects on lean body mass are far less than the long bouts of cardio. Remember when you’re cutting the fat you want to keep the muscle you have.

How do you know you have 13%bf? The only way to get an accurate reading of this(and it can still be off somewhat) is if it is performed by an experienced analyser, ie: kinesiologist. Do not go by bioimpedient readings of any kind. With that said, even at 13%bf, you have only about 148lb lean mass. This is not very much for someone your height if you are interested in being muscular or participating in strength based sports. Cut out the cardio is my suggestion. You cannot afford to lose any more muscle. The best way to lose bf while sparing muscle is the proper use of diet.

I understand what you are saying. But right now, I am more concerned with losing my belly fat then growing. Once I lose it, then I can figure out a plan for growth