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Workout / Supplement Advice


ive been lifting for about 5 years now so im still what many would consider "new"...anywho i want to cut about 20ish lbs of fat (currently weigh like 240-245) im just looking to see if someone has a good 4 day workout program and some good advice on supplements besides that of creatine and whey protein which i have used in the past and they have worked..

ive looked online here and im thinking of going with Grow! and Surge any advice and such is much appreicated


What are your best lifts? for dieting I'd recommend reading articles by Dr. John Berardi.


Hey, no offense, but if you've been lifting for 5 years with no results, then supplements are the last thing you should be worrying about.

Are you sure your diet is where it needs to be, and that you are progressing in the gym? If you give info about your diet, routine, and goals then you will probably get more specific help.

There's nothing worse than busting your ass in the gym and then not seeing results. Believe me, I know from experience.


i proabably came off wrong cause ive definetly had results from my lifting..averaged about 20 lbs of lean muscle a year the past two years..my deal is i mostly have been lifting and eating for mass and now im looking for a decent program that i can lose fat on..my nutrition is good ..protein veggies..trying to divide my meals into about 6 a day and staying away from junk food..i defeintly know i need to switch up my program cause ive hit a wall (bench hasnt moved past 315 and my squat is still at 420) just looking for some decent ideas and this site seems to be where guys have a lot of knowledge on lifting