Workout Suggestions for a Beginner?

Hey guys

First of just want to say this seems like a great site with a lot of info! Im 23 years old, 6’1 and 165, so im definitly thinish. Have a hard time gaining weight but have been slowly.

Anyways i currently do muay thai as a work out, which is no weights and a lot of cardio but i think i will stop since i want to get “bigger” and start weight lifting.

Currently I am on protein shakes, with carbs and creatine. The two areas which i want to improve the most are my shoulders and lower back because they are weak.

Can anyone give me some advice on a good work out schedual to start with and any possible supplements that can help me get started?


1 - try to gradually eat more and more, when i say more I don’t mean adding a protein shake a day, I mean eating more real healthy food.

2 - if you continue muai thai make sure you don’t do any other cardio training than muai thai, and don’t exceed 3 sessions a week.

3 - As for weight lifting I would go with something like Waterbury’s TBT because you don’t really have to go heavy since you’re starting and it will make you in great shape for muai thai (to check the program, go in the authors section on the left side of your screen and click on Chad Waterbury and scroll down to Total body training).

4- Beside a good post workout shake forget about supplements for now, get your training and eating in check before buying anything.

5- As profX says, you’re a beginner, you’re weak all over, focus on getting your whole body stronger and bigger using mostly compound movement.

I hope it helps, best of luck with your training.

PS : You might check vroom’s thread on beginners too, forget it you MUST read it!

1 - stick to muay thai, those fighters kick some major ass :slight_smile:

muay thai for cardio?my friend does that crap…and your jus doing it for cardio…my god man